8 Must-Have Items For Your Pet Bird

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Birds are sweet, and they can quickly become you and your families’ best friends. When you first bring your lovely bird home, make sure you have all the basic equipment they need. Birds love toys and treatment, make sure all your bird supply items are non-toxic for them.

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In this article, Happy & Polly will show you the 8 Must-Have bird supplies that are desperately needed, including bird cage, bird perch, water & food bowl, cage liners, toys, ladder, swing.

  1. Proper sized Bird Cage

Having the appropriate essential is uppermost to the health and happiness of your pet, but the first and the foremost thing your bird needs is a cage. The best bird cage should be 3-4 times bigger than that of the bird.

bird cage

It should be big enough for them to accommodate and spacious enough to do all the physical activities. The spaces between the bars also need to be safe to prevent your bird’s head or foot from getting trapped. It should also be non-toxic and easy to clean. Ensure that you clean the cage and change the water every day.

You can also buy a traveling cage for your bird. You can take your bird out for a walk or trip. It is also a good place to keep them safe while cleaning the main cage.

  1. Bird Feeder

The second one is water and food bowl. When you select a water and food bowl for your bird, make sure to try light cups and bowels rather than deeper ones, so that we can balance well as he eats and drinks.

bird breeder

You can have a try with hoppers or ceramic bowls. Birds need to drink at all times, especially in hot days. Make sure there is always water in their bowls.

  1. Cage liners

The third is cage liners. Cage liners need not be too fancy. Cage liners can be a normal paper, a paper towel or just a newspaper will do fine. Put the liners underneath the mesh barriers in case of any food dropouts. You can easily clean them quickly and efficiently.

paper cage liner

Birds are quite sensitive to an untidy environment. Hygiene is very important when it comes to pet birds.

  1. Hiding place

Like any other living things in the world, birds also enjoy a degree of privacy and feel safe having an escape. Again simple is best. When it comes to creativity, the ideas are endless. A towel paper bag or a nest box will do just fine.

Some birds enjoy sleep in a covered cage. You can get a cage cover or a shell house for them depending on the bird species you get. They need 12-hours sleep per night. You can get them an extra level of protection without being disturbed by light or noise.

  1. Bird Perch

Bird perch is a good place for birds to stand and have fun. You may DIY a perch by cutting the tree branches from pesticide free non-toxic trees. Citrus and eucalyptus are the best. Or you can keep it simple, and just buy a bird perch for them.

bird perch

  1. Bird Toy

Provide birds with number of toys; they will not only be active, but healthier too. Toys can be made from softwood, hardwood or strong metal, coconut shells, plastic and other materials. Pine cones are a natural toy that you can always provide them with, which helps them to be healthier and stronger.

bird toy
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If your pet bird is a hook-billed one, you can get them chewing toys, while for birds that live in foliage, toys, or nests that can hide will be a good way to relax. Some birds need preening toys to be peck and groom at, while others may love a warm toy to snuggle up against.

  1. Bird ladders

One of the funny way to exercise your bird and physical activities are providing them a ladder. Birds always love to climb and swing some ladders available. Make sure to give them an eco-friendly ladder made with natural oats.

bird ladder

  1. Bird swings

Swings are probably the first product to entertain your birds idly. Every bird cage should have at least one swing and one ladder. Both swings are an inexpensive practical way to encourage total body exercise. They engage your bird’s legs, torso, and neck to work off excess energy and strengthen their muscles. They also keep your bird mentally alert as he shifts and balances as weight.

Our pet bird deserves a place with all facilities; and all comforts of home give them the right things and enjoy their growth. Always remember a healthy bird is a thriving beautiful and happy bird.

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