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Scientists Found Better Way to Calculate Dogs’ Ages, 1 Dog Year ≠ 7 Human Years

Scientists Found Better Way to Calculate Dogs’ Ages. A dog year doesn't equal 7 human years. Find out how to calculate your dog's true age from the article.
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2020 AKC Released Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds List, Which One is Right For You?

AKC shared its list of the most popular dog breeds of 2019 in the US. Happy & Polly will take you to look at the top 10, and help you decide which one is right for you.
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10 Reasons Why Cats Are Stressed Out

Have you ever thought that your kitten might be stressed out? In this article, you can learn 10 common reasons why your cats are suffering from stress and anxiety.
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Why Your Puppy Won't Walk On A Leash? Here is The Answer

 It is never easy to get a dog on the leash. This article will tell you 5 common mistakes that puppy owners make, and give you several tips on dog leash training.

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Best Dog Potty Training Tips And Supplies

Happy & Polly will list the best dog potty supplies and tips for new pet owners to begin potty training indoors and outdoors. Here are all you'll need!
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