TIE THE KNOT | 10 Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf In Style

Silk scarves are now a new fashion accessory. In previous artile, we show you How to Use Silk Scarves For Fashion Styles. And today, we will show you how to tie the knot for your silk scarf.

 neck scarf

Let take a look at the 10 most useful ways to wear your scarf in styles.

01) The Tie Knot 

tie knot

02) The Bandit


03) The Chokerthe choker
04) The Cowboy
the cowboy
05) The Essential
the essential
06) The Top Knot
the top knot
07) The Twist Knot 
the twist knot
08) The Bow Tie
bow tie
09) The Brass Slide Bow
the brass slide bow
10) The Brass Slide Tie
the brass slide tie

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