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About Happy & Polly Cat Tree

Highly recommend Moonlight Cat Tree to anyone who wants a pretty and ethereal cat tree! Transform your little kitty into a star-gazing enthusiast with our enchanting Night Sky-themed Cat Tree! With hammocks and high seats, it's a playground designed for leaping and lounging under a celestial canopy. The hanging moon and stars spark playful hunting games, ensuring endless entertainment. 

Crafted from safe, durable timber and wrapped in good quality natural sisal rope, this purple cat climbing frame is both a scratcher's paradise and a soft, comfy retreat with its furry composite cashmere loops. Adorned with cute pendants for extra fun, it's the perfect space for your feline to explore the universe from the comfort of home.

Happy & Polly provides cat trees of various shapes, styles, and colors, such as well made Gothic-style cat trees, coupled with cat water fountains and cat beds with the same Gothic design, it is definitely for everyone who pursues a unique style. Ideal for pet owners. This combination not only meets the cats' living needs but also adds a unique artistic touch to the pet owner's home environment. We also have a special collection of all modern cat trees just for you. It can be more integrated with your home.


Cats can be particular about their environment, and several factors might contribute to their disinterest. Firstly, the location of the cat tree plays a crucial role; it should be placed in a socially significant area where your cat spends a lot of time. Secondly, the height and stability of the cat tree matter; cats prefer high, stable platforms from where they can survey their surroundings. Lastly, introducing the cat tree properly is essential. Encourage exploration by placing treats or toys on the tree.

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep the cat tree hygienic and attractive to your cat. Vacuum the tree weekly to remove fur and dust, and spot-clean any stains with a mild, pet-safe detergent. If the tree has removable fabric components, wash them according to the manufacturer's instructions. Periodically tighten any loose screws to ensure stability.

Absolutely. Cat trees can mitigate several behavioral issues by providing an outlet for climbing, scratching, and territorial instincts. They offer a designated spot for scratching, which can deter your cat from using furniture or carpets. Additionally, the vertical space allows cats to escape from stressors on the ground level, reducing anxiety and promoting peace among multiple pets.

Cat trees can greatly benefit older cats by encouraging gentle exercise, which helps maintain their muscle tone and flexibility. Choose a cat tree with lower platforms and ramps for easy access. Soft, padded sleeping areas can provide comfort for arthritic joints. Ensure the tree is stable and the platforms are spacious enough for your cat to lounge comfortably.

Yes, there are cat trees specifically designed for households with multiple cats. These typically feature multiple levels, perches, and It can be used as a cubicle condos for several cats at the same time. When choosing one, consider the size and personality of your cats; there should be enough space for each cat to have its perch or cubby. Stability is crucial, so look for a cat tree with a wide base to prevent tipping, especially in active multi-cat and large cat  households.

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