Moonlight Cat Tree
Moonlight Cat Tree
Moonlight Cat Tree
Moonlight Cat Tree
Moonlight Cat Tree
Moonlight Cat Tree
Moonlight Cat Tree
Moonlight Cat Tree
Moonlight Cat Tree
Moonlight Cat Tree
Moonlight Cat Tree
Moonlight Cat Tree

Moonlight Cat Tree

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Highly recommend this cat climbing toy to anyone who wants a pretty and ethereal cat tree!


  • Unique theme: The night sky theme makes cat an astronomy enthusiast.
  • Structure designed for cats: Hammocks and high seats allow your kitten to enjoy different pleasures while jumping up and down. 
  • High playability: The hanging moon and star attract the cat's attention and start hunting games under the dreamy cloud filled sky.
  • Easy to install: Detailed installation tutorial and assembly instruction video allows you easily make an amazing playground for your cats.

Our Material:

  • Made of highly qualified harmless timber and wrapped by hand with a natural sisal rope.
  • 5mm-thick sisal, high-density winding.
  • Composite cashmere loop, soft and comfortable.
  • Cute pendant sprouts fun.

This item is ONLY available in the USA! Other Areas will need to pay extra international shipping fees.

Product Measurements:

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Style Length Width Height Capacity
D 58.42 45.72 149.86 < 12 lbs
E 60 47.75 139.7 < 15 lbs
F 60 47.75 165 < 15 lbs

*This data was obtained from manually measuring the product, it may be off by 1-2inches (2-3cm).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 201 reviews

it was easy to assemble and the cats love it! I do believe that it is much more suitable for our kitten rather than our adult cat, the resting spots are on the smaller side. The tree is very tall though!

Jessica D Duffey
Amazing cat tree!

Our new kitten LOVES this cat tree. It was easy to put together and has a lot of places for our kitty to loaf, climb, and play. HIGHLY recommend!

Mixed Feelings

The instructions for this cat tree were awful. I used to work at petco and have built hundreds of cat trees, and this was by far the most difficult/confusing set of instructions I’ve ever seen. Hardly any of the pieces were labeled. Additionally, I have pretty small adult cats (7 and 9lbs) and they’re both way too big to fit into things like the hammock or ring shaped area. If you have larger cats, I think they would also have a very difficult time navigating the top of this tree because of how narrow it is. It’s a very cute design, but I would recommend buying a traditional cat tree over this one.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your feedback. Actually this is already the upgraded, larger version of our product. Our cat towers have undergone market testing, and within the weight range indicated on the product page, they are generally suitable for most cats.

However, as we know, even with the same weight, cats can have different body sizes, so maybe the fixed platform size or component size might not be ideal for every cat. We appreciate your comments and we will consider adding more detailed dimensions to our product page, including the sizes of each platform and component, to provide a clearer understanding for our customers.

Additionally, regarding the instructions, we are truly sorry for the confusion caused by the lack of labeled components. This is the first time we've received such feedback, and we greatly appreciate your suggestion. I will forward this to our team together to explore possible improvements in the instructions.

Please rest assured, our customer service team will contact you shortly to assist with the issue you encountered and discuss suitable solutions with you. Thank you for helping us make our products better and thanks for your support.

Best regards,

So cute!!

Our little Westley thought he hit the jackpot when we brought this out for him. Being almost 8 weeks old, he doesn’t have levels of energy. He is either on at 100% or off at 0%. It’s been so long sense we have had a baby, I forgot how absolutely insane they are at this age. We have toys everywhere and they only last for a few moments before he is ticking off our older cats or chewing on our hands. This tree has given him hours of entertainment and our hands some rest from being his constant play mate. Just an added bonus that the colors bring out his eyes 🥹