Pet Cooling Pad - happyandpolly
Pet Cooling Pad - happyandpolly
Pet Cooling Pad - happyandpolly
Pet Cooling Pad - happyandpolly

Pet Cooling Pad

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  • 1. Baby skin-friendly material selection-PVC material, pets can use it with peace of mind, waterproof and moisture-proof, strong toughness, low-carbon environmental protection material, comfortable feel, breathable skin-friendly
  • 2. Non-toxic environmentally friendly gel --- Edible non-toxic environmentally friendly gel, allowing the ice nest to "breath freely", polymer cold compress gel, rapid heat dissipation, double hot pressing process, to prevent gel flow cooling balance, even heat dissipation.
  • 3. PP cotton padding nest edge-PP cotton padding nest edge, soft and comfortable to protect the spine, let pets sleep soundly

What is the difference between ice pad and ice nest?

Cooling pad:

  • Take a cooling pad to relieve heat
  • Size suitable for small dogs and cats
  • Simple surface structure, easy to clean
  • Reasonable price

Cooling nest:

  • Summer nest, replace winter nest
  • Larger size, universal for cats and dogs
  • PP cotton at the nest, more comfortable, protect the spine


  • Cool off
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Easy to scrub
  • Can reuse

Q & A:

1. Is the cooling nest bite-resistant?
It is scratch-resistant and bite-resistant. The outside of the ice nest is made of 30-wire thickened PVC material with strong toughness. (Dogs in the period of changing teeth, it is recommended to cooperate with molar tools, snacks to divert attention)
2. How long can the cooling nest cool?
The inside of the cooling nest is filled with high-quality high-quality cold compress gel, which brings its own cooling sensation. After a long time of use, the heat will be transferred to the ice nest and it will become hot.
3. Is there any smell in cooling nest?
The cooling nest uses low-carbon environmentally friendly materials, and has been treated with odor before sale, so you can use it with confidence.