Is a DIY Cat Tree Worth It, or Should I Buy One?

Is a DIY Cat Tree Worth It, or Should I Buy One?

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Naturally inquisitive, cats will scratch, hop, and engage in other behaviors to have a better look around. Having a designated play area, such as a cat tree, will make cats happier and reduce the likelihood that they will destroy furniture. Whether to purchase an assembled cat tree or construct one from the ground up might be a difficult decision.

For your convenience, this article will compare and contrast the two choices, including their benefits and drawbacks, so that you may pick the one that best suits you.

How Cat Trees Work and What They're Used For

Cat trees are really cool furniture that made just for cats. There are lots of things for cats to do, like play, jump, and chill out. Most of the time, they are tall structures with different floors, scratching posts, hiding places, and toys. To make sure that all cats' needs are met, cat trees come in many sizes, types, and styles.

Cat trees are great for the following:

Vertical Space: Cats love to climb and be up high. They can do this in cat trees just like they would in a real tree. Cats feel safe and can see everything going on around them when they are high up.

Scratching Surfaces: Cat trees often have special posts or surfaces that are wrapped in rope or carpet that cats can scratch. Cats will love to scratch on these. Cats scratch their nails naturally, and it helps keep their claws healthy. They can also use it to mark their area.

Exercise and Play: Fun things like toys, caves, and platforms are often found in cat trees. Cats like to play with and move around with these things. Cats can get a lot of exercise by climbing, jumping, and checking out all the different floors of the tree. It also makes them happy and keeps their heads busy.

Rest and Relaxation: Cat trees have soft spots where they can curl up and sleep. These places look like little beds or places to hide. Cats love having their own cozy spot where they can calm down and sleep without being bothered.

Territorial Marking: Cats are very territorial animals. Having their own special space, like a cat tree, helps them establish and keep their territory in the house. Cats need their own area, like a cat tree, to mark their territory in the house and keep it. Cats can leave their smell on the tree to make it feel safer and more comfortable for them.

Cat trees are fun for cats, and they also keep them healthy and happy. It's like giving your pet their own little playground!

Factors to Consider Before Making a Decision


While building a cat tree from scratch could seem like a good way to save money at first, all that work could end up costing you more than saving money. You should also consider your abilities and available time when choosing to purchase something or do it yourself. Putting up a cat tree from scratch may require someone with woodworking skills and a few hours of free time.

Advantages of DIY Cat Trees

Personalization: One great thing about making your own cat tree is that you can change it to fit your cat's tastes. You can make it the right height, shape, number of scratching posts, and hidden places for your furry friend.

Cost-effective for Skilled People: If you know how to work with wood and have access to tools, you can make your own cat tree for a low price. You might save money by getting the material you need and building the tree yourself instead of buying one that is already put together.

Feeling of Achievement and Creativity: Building a cat tree from scratch lets you show off your creativity and gives you a sense of achievement as you see your plans come to life. Do-it-yourself projects let you use your skills and creativity in a fun way, from planning the design to finishing touches.

Disadvantages of DIY Cat Trees

Time-Consuming and Hard Work: Building a cat tree from scratch is not an easy job; it takes a lot of time and work. Do-it-yourself projects can take a lot of time and work, from planning and gathering supplies to putting everything together and finishing touches. This can be especially hard for people who are new to it or who have a lot going on.

Needs Tools, Skills, and Space: To make your own cat tree, you'll need tools, woodworking skills, and a good place to work. If you don't have the right tools and knowledge, the job can quickly become hard and frustrating. Another problem is that not everyone has a place just for woodworking projects, which makes the process even more difficult.

May Not Have the Professional Look and Last as Long: Do-it-yourself cat trees let you make them your own, but they might not look as nice or last as long as pre-made ones. Without the right building methods and good resources, do-it-yourself projects may wear out over time, which could mean that they need to be fixed or replaced more often.

Benefits of Buying a Cat Tree

Giving your cat its own space to play, scratch, and relax is an important part of making their environment interesting. Even though it might sound fun to build a cat tree from scratch, getting one that's already been made is much easier and more useful.

Ease of Use and Durability: Ready-made cat trees are very convenient because they save you the time and effort of building one from scratch. Each of these cat trees is made with strong materials and put together with great care, so it will last for a long time and keep your cat happy and comfortable.

Safety and Peace of Mind: When you buy a ready-made cat tree, you're not just getting a piece of furniture; you're putting your cat's safety and health first. A lot of makers offer insurance and customer service, which can give you peace of mind and help if you have any issues or concerns. This extra layer of safety makes sure that your cat is safe and that you can get help whenever it's needed.

A Wide Range of Features and Extras: There are many features and extras that come with pre-made cat trees that are meant to make your cat's experience better. There are cozy places to sleep, scratching posts, interactive toys, and climbing platforms on these cat trees, so your furry friend will always have something to do. You can easily find the perfect cat tree that fits your cat's attitude and tastes since there are so many to choose from.


Whether you should build or purchase a cat tree depends on your priorities, budget, and degree of competence. Although DIY projects require more time, energy, and expertise, they can be more personalized and cost-effective. 

However, a cat tree is a worthwhile purchase due to its ease of use, sturdy construction, and warranty, which will provide long-term satisfaction. Think about your preferences when you assess the benefits and drawbacks; then, pick the one from Happy & Polly’s collections of cat trees that suits you and your cat the best.

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