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The new cat tree is so comfy and popular that my two girls… who normally only barely tolerate each other existing… were spotted today sharing the perch! Who knew this cute cat tree could also promote peace and love! Thank you!


Thank you for taking the time to write a review about our shop. It's wonderful to know that our cat tree has not only provided comfort but also fostered a sense of togetherness between your two girls.

Your feedback brings us great joy and motivates us to continue providing high-quality products that enhance the well-being and happiness of both cats and cat parents.

Wishing you and your lovely cats many more peaceful and joyful moments together.


I am sure that this is the first review I’ve ever INSISTED on posting. These stamps are AMAZING! If you haven’t ordered one yet- RUN to the checkout. Order two… Order ten! Order as many as you can possibly afford. I’m a customer for life!

Hello, We're glad to hear that you love the Custom Pet Portrait Stamp.

Looking forward to your next stamp.

Happy & Polly
Kayla Michael
Love my stamp!

This stamp is perfect and the people LOVE getting cards with Kiko’s little face stamped in there! Super happy with the product!

This tree is the cutest!

I received my cat tree promptly after ordering. Sadly the first one was damaged in shipping but they sent me a new one very quickly and the second one was in perfect condition and assembly was very easy. I am already planning my next purchase with H&P because all their items are so unique.

Reseller in France ?

Hi , do you have reseller in France , in Paris ?


Hi, Thanks for leaving this review, but it's a pity that we don't have a reseller in Paris now.

nice tree

Both cats loved being on it, and the sofa was finally free from damage. Installation is very simple and can be done in ten minutes.

Missing pieces

I purchased 2 of your cat water fountains and one is missing pieces. One round filter and the rubber suction cup for top of filter. Also one is USB and the other has a standard plug. How is one to put the cord through the hole in the base? Please contact me through my email above. Thanking you in advance for your help in this matter
PJ Bowman

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We have contacted you via email, please check it.
Happy & Polly

Missing pieces / No one contacting me back

I have tried multiple times to reach Happy and Polly reps about the incomplete cat tree I ordered and received. It can not be put together due to the missing pieces. I have tried contacting through the website chat, the web message form and basic email, and no one is replying. I would like to resolve this and receive a refund.

Sorry for the delayed response. We will reach you soon, please don't worry.

Happy & Polly

Love the cat tree I got from here and my cats love it too!

I like it

My cat is VERY happy with the purchase & so am I! The mats are made of a nice snuggly material and my cat took to it immediately.

Happy & Polly
Very convenient

Timely delivery, easy to construct (done by my kids), and provides a good shelter for our cats.

I like it

I just received this product last week and I got to use it on Friday to take my kitten to the vet! Very sturdy comfortable small pad inside that Velcros in place. Fairly good quality zippers also. Very happy with this purchase for the price.

so nice

My cat can be lively every day, run around every day, since I bought this cat climbing frame, the cat is also a place to play.Very good quality, easy to install, praise!

What a surprise!

Express always flies fast. I received the goods soon. When I opened the box, it was very beautiful. There were many lovely little things, clothes, cat Teaser sticks and so on. I feel very profitable and have an absolute conscience. Highly recommended!

Happy & Polly

I LOVE this cat tree. It was easy to set up and was made of high quality wood. I bought this because other cat trees get matted with cat fur and are uncleanable. This one is great. The fur can only stick to the little beds which are removable and washable.
I think it's prettier than most trees. It's also very secure. The spacing between the levels is pretty big and at first I was worried, but my cats seem to love it, since they have to climb the sisal to get up.

Happy & Polly
Strongly recommended

I purchased this raised cat food bowl for my kitty. He has a house in our garage and many times in the summer the ants will get into his food. This raised bowl has been fabulous because it is a couple inches off the ground and the ants can’t get up into it. It’s been so awesome! The bowl itself is ceramic and it’s real nice! I definitely recommend this raised bowl if you need to get your pet food or water up off the ground👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I love these bowls

No bad surprises; this bowl looks just like its product photo, is sturdy and well-made, and its surface is easy to clean.

very interesting

Every couple weeks I round them up and put in a zip lock bag of catnip. I order the frontier organic big bag it lasts a long time. When I put them back out the cats are thrilled. I have 4 cats one can chew toys like no tomorrow.these are sturdy enough . FYI I rotate all my stuffed toys this way. And of course some get put in water bowls overnight ha ha. I let them dry and they are good..

Nice ,i like it

Love love love it, I have 3 cats- 2 slept on it last night. Very sturdy, easy to assemble (just have patience lol)


The mat is deep so you will not be able to sweep it. The kitty litter sinks so deep inside of it you can't see it. It must be shaken/beaten off outside but no big deal. If it still dirty after shaking it off wet it down with soapy water and scrub it with a brush, rinse and let it hang to dry. It's much more durable than my last mat that cracked all on the back side. The size it great so that helps too. I'm glad I found this.


This is the second mat of this kind that I ordered through Shopify, but the first one that I purchased from Clean House Pets and I have to say I’m very impressed. It was well-wrapped and folded flat right away. It also didn’t have any strong ‘factory’ smell which I appreciated (and so does my kitten, I’m sure). Very polite customer service on top of it all, too! Very happy.

This is great!

This is great! I’ve bought numerous combs and brushes but this works the best. My cats love being combed with this and getting the hair off the teeth is so easy. Glad I bought this.

I like me

I foster kittens from days old up to 12 weeks... They absolutely love this . it's perfect for them.


This has been my cat's favorite toy since day one. She hears me pick it up from across the apartment, even though it barely makes a sound.
I've bought about 10 of these within the last year. However, it's still cheaper than some of the other toys that she doesn't play with!
So be prepared to buy more than one for sure. If your cat loves jumping 3-4 feet and flipping in the air, they will LOVE this!

It's very easy to use

First of all, please get ANY pet fountain if you have cats. My vet explained that cats will not intentionally find water when they're thirsty. That's not how nature designed them (and this is why their pee stinks so bad -- it's often very concentrated). They are 'opportunistic' drinkers, so the more places they have to get water when they're thirsty the healthier they'll be and the less likely they'll have UTI & kidney problems! That being said, I'm really happy with this make of fountain. All my cats use it - I keep it on the second floor as they always have a bowl of water where their food is on the first floor. Some like to like the water as it comes off of the "flower" while others like the water in the top dish. Seriously, wouldn't you rather have fresh than stale water, too? The dog uses it also (and I SWEAR the cats give me dirty looks because, hey, she slobbers, so I do clean it out pretty frequently). This isn't to say my cats still don't help themselves to my bedside glass of water, but after learning how important it is to make sure they have multiple opportunities to drink when they're thirsty, I just try to remember not to take a sip from that glass in the morning!