An Abnormal 2022 for Flora

An Abnormal 2022 for Flora

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2022 has been a strange year for Flora.
Since we met her, she has always been a happy girl living a worry-free life.
No judge, Flora immensely enjoyed her daily buffet and unlimited snacks; her favorite is freeze-dried chicken breast. She can freely walk around our office building before, after, or between meals.

Flora used to spend some afternoon time in the smoking area, bathing in sunshine and aggressively enjoying her secondhand smoke and reflexology until we found it out and stopped her. She didn't appreciate it but was forced to embrace that secondhand smoke is bad for her health and must be stopped.
We started to worry about her weight. As a small-boned girl, 10 lbs of fat made her look too chunky, and we guess that's why the terrible accident happened.

As you all know, this July Flora fell off the 2nd floor of our office building and broke her chest bone. She had to see the vet three times a week for injections, and then she stopped eating and drinking because of pain and a bad mood.
We tried to talk reason to her, but our girl just ran away. Cats! We fed her with a baby dispenser and ended up covered with diluted can meats all over. Maybe the medicine is blunting her thoughts, we said.
The situation turned better by the end of July; we guess she finally figured it out. She was finally willing to take meals and water and walk in our building again.
She lost a couple of pounds in July, but surprisingly fast, she gained it back in August.

We wondered if this was a real life-changing issue for her instead of the horrible
incident. We gave Flora a few costumes to celebrate her recovery. Nothing was planned, but it seemed the gate to a new world was opened. She's now officially our cosplay queen. Guess how many pieces she got now? You must know if you are in our Facebook group!
Then we realized she was overweight, again. One day she was wearing her favorite pink sweater and looked physically capable of joining WWE. Not to mention her ass when going downstairs, hilarious!

Flora's not a huge fan of the cat wheel but genuinely loves teasers with real feathers.
Recently, she's been given no more than 70g of cat food and 15 minutes of excise daily.Till now, she has lost 0.5 lbs and counting, which is not bad. 'Keep it up, Flora.' We told her and had nothing in response.

That's it, Flora's 2022. What's yours?
Wish you all a fantastic 2023.

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