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About Happy & Polly Cat Carriers

In our cat carriers collection, you will discover a variety of styles and designs to suit your preferences and your cat's needs while on the move. From sturdy and well-ventilated hard cat carriers to soft and cozy options, we offer solutions that prioritize both functionality and style. Not only that, but we also have Pet Strollers for all kinds of small pets, and our pet strollers are so large that you can even fit two kittens in them.

Looking to enhance your cat's travel experience further? Stock up on treats and accessories to keep your feline companion happy and content while on the go. Whether you need cat walking collar or an easy to use cat bowl for traveling, Happy & Polly has everything you require to make traveling with your cat a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Shop our selection of cat carriers and travel accessories today to provide your pet with the comfort, security, and happiness they deserve during every adventure. Experience convenience, quality, and style in cat travel products at Happy & Polly.

Live chat online
Mon - Fri : 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST


Yes, the hard cat carriers by Happy & Polly like Double Door Airbox Cat Carrier and Radio Shape Cat Carrier are both airline-approved, making them suitable for air travel with your pet.

Yes, the cat carriers by Happy & Polly are equipped with secure locks to prevent your cat from getting out while in transit. The cat carriers by HappyandPolly have strong zippers that can be securely closed to the top, providing increased safety and preventing the cat from getting out while in transit.

Each cat outing bag from Happy & Polly is strategically designed with multiple ventilation openings to allow natural airflow, ensuring that your cat remains comfortable and cool while avoiding any feelings of confinement or discomfort.

Any of our cat carriers can accommodate one obese adult cat or two kittens. The Old School Style Cat Carrier by Happy & Polly can comfortably accommodate an adult cat, allowing your feline friend to move around freely inside. Both the Radio Shape Cat Carrier and Double Door Airbox Cat Carrier are suitable for larger cats like Ragdolls, offering ample space for them. If you require a carrier for your Maine Coon, we recommend our Princess Foldable Pet Stroller, which has no weight restrictions for Maine Coons and allows your large cat to relax freely inside while on the go.