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9 Funny Things You Might Not Know About Hairless Cats

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Hairless cats are formally called Sphynx Cats. They look like a cat, but with no hair. And they look like a breed coming from another planet. Some people may wonder what kind of animal they really are. Well, this article will show you 10 funny things you might not know about Sphynx Cats. 

hairless cats

1. Does a Sphynx cat have strict standards?

YES. According to The International Cat Association, only cats with strict standards can be considered as a Sphynx cat:

A Sphynx has to have medium-sized wedge-shaped heads; strong, prominent cheekbones; and large, wide, lemon-shaped eyes.

Sphynx cat standard

A Sphynx has to have large, protruding ears with no hairs.

A sphinx cat has to have a muscular and strong neck and a muscular body as well.

A sphinx cat has to have a barrel chest and a potbelly at the same time.

A sphinx cat has to have thicker paw pads, and lastly, its tail should be tapered just like a whip.

2. Are Sphynx cats really hairless?

NO. It is easy to assume Sphynx cats are hairless at first glance. In fact, Sphinx cats are actually covered by a very thin layer of hair. If you look closely, their hair looks like soft peach fuzz. It has a very soft touch.

Sphynx cat hair

While Sphynx cats are not actually hairless, they do not have any whiskers at all.

3. Do Sphynx cats come from hot places?

From the name Sphynx, we are easy to assume that they come from Egypt because Sphynx originated in Egyptian mythology. But they DIDN’T.

Sphynx cat cold winter

Sphynx cats actually are actually descended from the land of ice and snow, Canada. According to statistics, in the 1960s, a cat in Ontario gave birth to a hairless kitten. In the mid-1970s, two sets of hairless kittens were born in Toronto and Minnesota. Thanks to evolutionary science, Sphynx cats can survive independently.

4. Do Sphynx cats like or need clothes?

NO. We’ve seen tons of picture and videos of Sphynx cats wearing clothes. Even though Sphynx cats are easy to get cold too easily, they hate having clothes on. We assume that it’s because the fibers make them get to hot too soon or maybe the material are not comfortable.

Sphynx cat clothes

But nobody’s not quite sure why, and this is a time-tested and owner-tested theory. But they do need clothes to keep them warm in winter.

5. How do they keep warm?

Even though their internal temperature is usually higher than average, Sphynx cats are still susceptible to colds. This is mainly due to lack of hair. Therefore, these cats just like to keep snugged up and comfortable with their owners. This is a way for them to stay warm whenever they need it.

Otherwise, you can put some warm blankets on the cat bed to provide the cat with the required heat.

6. Can they easily get sunburn?

YES. Due to lack of hair, hairless cats are more susceptible to get sunburn than other cats. If you plan to take Sphynx adventures into outdoor activities, make sure to fully cover them in the sun.

7. Are they low breed?

NO. It is not difficult to believe that the Sphynx cat breed has long been associated with mysterious powers, especially in Russian culture. In Russian folklore, the Sphynx cat is a symbol of good luck and richness. This is why many Russian royal families love Sphynx cats as pets.

noble Sphynx cat

Since Sphynx cats are popular among the royal family, they are associated with status and wealth. If you have a Sphynx cat, it means you can afford it, and possibly more other things. It has been used throughout history to distinguish wealthy members of society from the lower classes.

8. Can they be hypoallergenic?

NO. If you are looking for cats that will not exacerbate allergies, the Sphynx breed will not be for you. Sphinx cats will still produce dander, and all the small skin fragments of the cat will spread to your bed, sofa, carpet and any other surface. This is actually the cause of cat allergies, not the cause of cat fur.

For Sphynx, the situation may be even worse, because they don't have enough hair dandruff to die; therefore, when these animals shed dead skin cells, they will shed directly on everything around your home. They will also sprinkle dander directly on you, so if you are really allergic, please consider it.

9. Are they the healthiest breed?

NO. Unfortunately, it is well known that Sphynx cats are extremely low-health cats. The life expectancy of this breed is only 8 to 12 years, while the average life expectancy of other breeds can be 12 to 14 years or even higher.

They tend to be sicker and more likely to be ill than other breeds. However, owning a Sphynx cat is a different challenge altogether that provides you with a different set of rewards. It’s absolutely worth it.

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