Why Does My Cat Lay On Me? Let’s Find Out

Why Does My Cat Lay On Me? Let’s Find Out

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Wondered, "Why does my cat sleep on me?" Cats show love in strange ways, and one of the most common is by curling up on their owners. 

Understanding Cat’s Behavior

It's cool that cats can do different things on occasion. Knowing how they feel and what drives them through what they do is also helpful. In fact, many cat owners have to deal with the practice of their cats sleeping beside them. You might not think this is important, but there are a few reasons for it, some of which may surprise you.

Comfort and Security: Felines lay on you to feel safe and comfortable. They want to feel safe and close to you, so they curl up on your chest or lap.

Bonding and Affection: Cats also show love by sleeping next to their owners. So feeling close to you, as the owner, makes them feel loved and connected

Territorial Instincts: Cats are very possessive, and sleeping next to their owners is one way they do this. By claiming you as their own, they are in charge of you. One example is when your cat lies down on your pillow and claims it as theirs, showing that they are the boss in the house.

Communication: When cats talk to you using their bodies, one way they do this is by sleeping next to you. It’s their way of telling you, "I trust you" or "I feel safe with you." Keeping an eye on how they act can help you figure out what they need.

Anxiety and Stress Relief: When cats are worried or stressed, they may ask their owners for help. They like curling up on you because you help them calm down. Some cats may feel safe and calm when you're around. For instance, your cat might hide in your lap during a storm because it feels safe and calm there.

Health Reasons: It may seem odd, but cats have been known to lie to their humans to check on their health. Some cats can tell when their humans are under the weather or sick. If your cat wants to sleep on you more, you might want to check on your health.

Social Hierarchy: Cats that live with people may sleep on them to get attention or show who is in charge. These cats consider you to be their property and to show how important they are.

Owner's Scent: Your cat wants to sleep with you because it likes the way you smell. When they smell you, they feel safer, which makes them feel better.

Knowing how cats act can help you bond with your cat friend even more. So the next time your cat chooses to sleep next to you, think about the different reasons they might have done so and be grateful for the special bond you share.

Should I Let My Cat Sleep With Me?

There are lots of cat owners who aren't sure if they want to let their cats sleep in their beds every night. Maybe these things will help you, but it depends on the person and what's going on:

Allergies: Should you or someone in your home have allergies, sleeping with your cat may make them worse. Purchase a cat bed or give your cat a different place to sleep to reduce exposure.

Sleep Quality: Some cats are busy at night or between dawn and dusk, which is also known as nocturnal or crepuscular. Keeping your cat out of the bedroom might help if the things they do keep you up at night.

Personal Space: If sharing a bed with your cat lets you both rest and feel close, just ensure that you and your partner can sleep comfortably, but not too close to each other.

Behavioral Issues: Don't let your cat sleep in bed with you if it might get worse at bad habits like peeing on your sheets or waking you up at night. In these cases, you may need to keep your cat safe and give it somewhere else to sleep.

Health Concerns: If you sleep next to your cat, you may get toxoplasmosis or another disease, but this is highly unlikely. Patients who are pregnant or don't have strong immune systems should talk to their doctor or nurse for advice.

Whether or not you want to let your cat sleep on your bed depends on your individual preferences, lifestyle, and any health concerns you may have. If you go with sharing a bed with your cat friend, make sure you can both get a good night's sleep.

Consider also getting a good cat bed if you don't want your cat to sleep in your bed or if you need a new place to sleep. So if you're ready to find the best cat bed for your pet, check out Holly & Polly's collection of cat beds right now!

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