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2020 AKC Released Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds List, Which One is Right For You?

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Based on the American Kennel Club registration statistics, the most popular dog breeds list of 2019  was released in May. Which dog breed won the NO.1 spot? Which one breaks into the top 10 for the first time?

And with different personalities for each breed, how to choose the right one for you? Happy & Polly will take you to find out, and help you get the right dog breed.

No 10. Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

This is the first time that Pembroke Welsh corgis break into the top 10. Even Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of them.

Pembroke Welsh corgis are also great for families because they are affectionate, playful, and moderately active. They are a good choice for apartment dwellers because they get their short leg and small size.

Running 5 miles a day may not easy for them. If you also don’t like exercise too much, corgis are your best choice. Short time exercise will be enough for them.

No 9. Pointers (German Shorthaired)

German shorthaired pointers

German shorthaired pointers are also commonly seen on AKC's list. They are a good choice for outdoor lovers.

If you often run in the morning or go hiking, they can also keep up with you, as they are born for running. But if they don’t get enough exercise, they may do a lot of things you might not like. If you don’t like exercise outdoors, you definitely need to think twice.

No 8. Rottweilers


If you are looking for a dog to take care of you, Rottweilers are definitely for you. They are suitable for kinds of households.

Rottweilers are natural guard dogs or loyal guardians. They can protect your home after they get some basic "training and exercise." And they also need much exercise outdoors. Again, if you don’t like exercise outdoors, you definitely need to think twice.

No 7. Beagles


No 7 is our beloved Beagles. They have really good personalities, which makes them a good choice for the family.

Beagles are not only friendly, easygoing, and funny, they are also curious and funny hunters. Beagles have 3 different kinds of barks, which are very useful during hunting. But, if you are in the city, you need to pay attention to.

There is another thing you need to pay attention to; Beagles are commonly affected by intervertebral disc disease (IVD), which affects the spinal cord. So you have to watch carefully and do not let them jump from a high place.

No 6. Poodles


Poodles come in the 6th spot. If you are a new dog owner, or you re allergic to dog hair, you can choose a poodle because they shed much less than other dogs.

They are very intelligent and easy to train, and larger ones will need more exercise than smaller ones. Give them enough training and stimulation; they will be a well-behaved family member.

No 5. Bulldogs


The No 5 spot- Bulldogs are perfect for city dwellers. If you live in an apartment and need much care, you should consider getting a Bulldog. They will be great companions.

They are affectionate, calm, and brave, and can give you lots of love. Like Pembroke Welsh corgis, they don’t need much exercise. But they need grooming and cleaning, otherwise, they can get allergies and skin problems.

No 4. French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are also a good choice for city dwellers. If you like reading or watching TV with a cuddle buddy, they are always there for you.

Much like bulldogs, French bulldogs do not need much exercise than other dogs due to their small size.

They have a short snout, so they often snore while sleeping. If you are a light sleeper, make sure you don’t share the same bedroom. And they are easy to be affected with hyperuricosuria, that can lead to bladder and kidney stones. You need to pay more attention to their diet.

No 3. Retrievers (Golden)

Golden retrievers

Golden retrievers are the top 3 dog breed. They are often adored for their loyalty and friendliness. They are a good choice for families with kids.

Golden retrievers are intelligent, active, and playful. And they really like playing and require much exercise. If you have children in your famliy, they will good playmates for them.

Golden retrievers are easy to be affected with ichthyosis, which is a genetic disorder characterized by scaly or flaky skin. You need to pay attention to it and get the proper methods to take care of them.

No 2. German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd Dogs

The second spot goes to German shepherd dogs. If you have enough time and like to put a lot of energy to train them, they will be protective dogs for you.

German shepherds are intelligent, active, and confident. You can often see them be used as police dogs. After all, they have been canine cops for many years.

So if you get a shepherd, you need to invest in training for them, keep them active, then they can be your protective partner.

No 1. Labrador retrievers

Labrador retrievers

The No. 1 spot still goes to Labrador retrievers. It may come as no surprise because they have been the most popular breed in the US for 29 years.

Labradors are intelligent, friendly, and full of love, which is good choice for families with kids and other animals. If you live in the suburbs, it will be really wonderful. Labradors are the perfect dog breed for kids to grow up with.

Some of these dogs are perfect for families, some for city dwellers, while others are great with young kids. Some require a big yard and long hikes, while others need a little more bath time. After reading the above information, you might know which one is suitable for you. 

American Kennel Club (2019)



Retrievers (Labrador)


German Shepherd Dogs


Retrievers (Golden)


French Bulldogs










Pointers (German Shorthaired)


Pembroke Welsh Corgis


 Here is the full list if you would like to see.

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