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About Happy & Polly Cat Bowl

Happy & Polly know how important it is to make your cat's life better in every way. So, apart from offering a variety of cat bowls, there are also cat hammocks and cat trees that you can choose from to ensure that your cat is as comfortable and happy as possible.


Most cat owners choose stainless steel as the best material for cat food and water bowls because it's super tough and cleaner. With stainless steel bowls, you can take better care of your cat and cut down on cleaning time after mealtime.

If you have more than one cat, you should give each one its own cat bowl. These bowls should ideally be put in different parts of the house so that each cat can eat alone, avoiding any possible fights during meals.

Aim for about 4 to 6 inches off the ground when it's full of food or water to find the right height for your cat's bowl. This measurement makes sure that your cat can get to their food or water without having to strain or bend too far, which is good for their balance while they eat.

Because cats' whiskers are sensitive, they often don't like using small bowls for food or water because they have to squeeze their whiskers together, which can lead to "whisker fatigue.". When you try out different bowls of different sizes and shapes, you can find the one that your cat likes best for eating.