Gothic Style Cat Tree


🌟Exclusive patented product


Step into a world of Gothic charm with our Gothic Style Cat Tree, a masterpiece that effortlessly combines romance and mystery. 

Why Choose Retro Green and Rose Red Replacement  Mats?

  • Stylish Dual Options: Each comes with the original red cat tree and the chosen color replacement cushions.
  • Easy Cleaning: Removable, machine-washable matss ensure effortless maintenance.
  • High Quality: Soft, durable materials provide comfort and longevity.


  • High-qualified plush & natural sisal rope.
  • Multi-layer wood + sisal + flannel


Assembly Steps

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Cat Tree

Unlock Boundless Joy for Your Feline Friend!

Color Options & Easy Cleaning

Based on user feedback, we have added interchangeable mats in green and rose red for easier cleaning and more color options. The cat tree's Gothic design and contrasting color scheme create a stunning look that complements any decor.

Premium Quality

Premium quality with solid wood multi-layer boards for durability. Enhanced stability with a larger base. Thoughtfully designed to cater to the habits of most cats.

Soft  Coffin Bed

The plush base doubles as a sumptuous resting spot, meeting your cat's kneading desires with unparalleled comfort. It's a staircase to luxury and a cozy nook, all in one.

Crafted Details

Premium-quality sisal

Premium sisal wrapping for joyful scratching.

Interactive toys

Precision-cut bat-shaped interactive toy

Enlarged base

Enlarged platform for enhanced stability

Cats' Playground

With countless cats' stamps of approval, you can be confident that your furry companion will love it too. Don't miss out on giving your furry friend the ultimate favorite they deserve!