Stylish Catnap Stump Cat Tree


Introducing our captivating and easy-to-assemble cat tree, designed to provide your feline friend with the perfect balance of comfort and play


  • Sturdy Base for Safety: Ensures secure playtime with a thick, stable foundation.
  • Cozy Tree Stump Hideaway: Resembles a tree stump, providing a snug retreat for your cat.
  • Sisal-Wrapped Scratching Post: Solid wood column on the right for healthy claw maintenance.
  • Luxurious Green Perch: A plush spot at the top for observing, napping, or enjoying the view.
  • Nature's Elegance: Blends seamlessly with eco-friendly materials, adding rustic charm.

Product Details

Space-Saving Playground

Create a feline playground with our multi-nest cat tree, inviting 2-3 cats under 18 lbs to play and relax. Ideal for petite spaces, maximizing joy in a compact footprint.

Premium Quality

Experience stability and security with our cat tree's crafted natural wood and broad base. The plush, soft material ensures your feline friend a cozy sleep bed.

Product Specifications

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How does this cat tree ensure stability for my energetic cat?

Our cat tree is crafted with a broad and sturdy base, providing exceptional stability. It's designed to withstand your cat's playful antics, ensuring a secure experience.

My cat loves to scratch. Does this cat tree offer a good scratching surface?

Yes, it does! The cat tree features durable sisal rope on the stem, offering an excellent scratching surface to satisfy your cat's natural instincts and keep their claws healthy.

 Is this cat tree easy to assemble?

We understand the importance of convenience. Our cat tree comes with clear instructions and user-friendly components, ensuring a hassle-free assembly process. You'll have your cat enjoying their new playground in no time!
Click here to get Assembly Instruction.

Can this cat tree accommodate multiple cats?

Certainly! The design and sturdy construction make it ideal for multiple cats. Whether they want to play together or have their cozy spot.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Exceeded expectations. I purchased this single-level treehouse for my newly adopted kitten as a transitional space. Easy assembly, and the play-and-sleep design is fantastic. The plush material is skin-friendly and comfortable; my kitty will surely love it! Planning to grab a larger cat tree during the next promotion.


This cat tree is fantastic! It's the best I've ever purchased. The colors are beautiful, and it's incredibly sturdy. Both of my cats, one 15 pounds and the other 8 pounds, jumped on it immediately to play. The fabric is exceptionally soft. Highly recommend!