House Shaped Cat Wall
House Shaped Cat Wall
House Shaped Cat Wall
House Shaped Cat Wall
House Shaped Cat Wall
House Shaped Cat Wall

House Shaped Cat Wall

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Style Set Two
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  • Suitable for cats' natural climbing habits.
  • Wall-mounted design saves space inside the house.
  • It could be a jumping platform for your cat to jump onto other pet furniture on the wall.
  • All cats can sleep comfortably on it.
  • Adopt high-quality wood as a material, no peculiar smell, environmentally friendly, durable, strong bearing capacity. 


  • Only includes one house and one ladder.

Product Measurements:

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Style Length Width Height Capacity
50 50 30 < 15 lbs
Round 35 35 30 < 15 lbs
Ladder 45
1.5 < 15 lbs
Step 27
8 1.5 < 15 lbs

*This data was obtained from manually measuring the product, it may be off by 1-2inches (2-3cm).

    Customer Reviews

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    Good structure, poor hardware

    I ordered the 2nd set which come with 5 wooden steps, 2 ladders, one house shaped piece, one circular piece and one large rectangular piece. The shelves themself are great, well constructed solid wood pieces. However the hardware that comes with them is insufficient. I have three cats in the 12 lb range who are very active and I need these to be very secure. The expansion screws that are sent with the set are too wiggly, especially considering how heavy the larger pieces are. For the house piece I had to use two L-brackets I had already and two smaller ones which came with the set with my own drywall anchors to secure it. I’m waiting to put everything else up until I get better hardware.

    Overall I would recommend but know you’ll need to get your own screws and anchors to keep everything secure.