Upgraded Wonderland Cat Tree-XL



  • Expansive Platforms: Experience the ultimate in kitty comfort with enlarged perches, providing more space for lounging and play.
  • Nature's Touch: Each column is now meticulously crafted from durable jute, not only enhancing durability but also adding a touch of natural sophistication.
  • Reinforced Foundation: The base undergoes a significant transformation, doubling its thickness to a robust 1.2 inches. This ensures unparalleled stability, even during the most enthusiastic kitty adventures.
  • Expanded Kingdom: More than just a climbing tree, this tower now extends its reign as a stylish furniture piece, blending seamlessly with your home decor in the dreamy Morandi color scheme.
  • Stylish Morandi Aesthetics: The dreamy Morandi color scheme not only complements your home decor but elevates it, turning the cat tower into a chic piece of pet furniture.
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3-5 Days to Arrive
3-5 Days to Arrive
3-5 Days to Arrive
3-5 Days to Arrive



  • Multi-layer wood + jute+ flannel


Assembly Steps

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Your feedback is our compass! The Upgraded Wonderland Cat Tree-XL, crafted with your insights for an even more extraordinary experience. Because at Happy & Polly, you and your cat's happiness matter most. 🐾✨

Stability and Security

Your concerns about stability are our priority. The base is now larger and thicker, going from a 0.6-inch to a robust 1.2-inch thickness, providing unparalleled stability for your cat's adventurous endeavors.

Jute Bliss

Now, with all poles wrapped in jute, your cat can freely indulge in stress-relieving claw sharpening. This upgrade not only satisfies their natural instincts but also adds a delightful tactile element, creating an irresistible playground. 

Ample Play Space

The proportional platform expansion provides more room for your cat's acrobatics, ensuring endless possibilities for play, rest, and observation.

More Play Options

Climbing Route

Ensuring an engaging and accessible experience for all feline friends.

Creative Backboard Delight

Engage your feline friends in playful interactions through our uniquely designed backboard

57 inch Tall

Providing a regal perch for their majestic observation and vertical delight

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amazing tree, great customer service

So I was actually quite afraid it would have been lost because the tracking information was not updating after one week and a half so I wrote them and they answered to me with the tracking info without any issues the next day!

The tree is big enough for my cat (8kg big "common european" - vet says), he loves it, I wasnt very sure if he would be fond of a big hole there is in the tree but he does enjoy to leave his arm dangling there while he sleeps!

Also thought the "house" might be a bit too small for him but he did fit on it quite well, although he does prefer using it to scare jump on us or the dog

Very happy with the purchase, very glad I got it and that I listened to my friend who recommended this store.

Super cute, but unsure on size

Adorable cat tree. Bought it for my 3 year old cat. However, the jumping/climbing space and the top perch look too small for her. As well as the little house on the bottom. She’s not a large cat, but is ten pounds with a belly. The opening to get to the perch, she has to really pull herself in. Almost doesnt fit. Assembly wasn’t too bad. The carpet was covering the holes in most spots. So I had to peel it back, or else the screws would not go through at all. The white material is a bit too prickly for most toys and trees I bought, but maybe my cats would prefer that. But I think it’s too precious and matches my decor. So it may just be for my 2 month old kitten instead as he ages. Feels sturdy. Just too cute!


Well made and easy to put together. My cat loves it




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Is it possible to order individual replacement parts for this cat tree?

Yes, individual replacement parts, especially the jute wraps, are available for purchase. We recommend replacing them periodically, depending on your cat's usage, to ensure a fresh and delightful experience. 

How much weight can this cat tree hold?

We recommend this cat tree for cats weighing up to 15 pounds.

Can I get more assistance with the installation?

Sure thing! We provide detailed installation instructions with the packaging, and you can also check out our installation videos on our YouTube channel for further assistance.

How do I clean this cat tree?

We recommend using a lint roller to remove surface fur.

I really love this cat tree, and I've provided feedback on product upgrades. Can I get a discount?

Certainly! Please reach out to our customer service team to inquire about potential discounts. They'll be happy to assist you and explore any available promotions. Thank you for choosing our product, and we look forward to ensuring you have a purr-fectly delightful experience!