About Happy & Polly Cat Hammock

This isn't just a hammock; it's a slice of heaven for your cat, turning every nap into a perfect escape. Welcome to the Bohemia Styled Cat Hammock, where every day is a blissful snooze fest for your furry overlord.

Happy & Polly also offers a variety of cat beds and scratching posts in diverse styles. Whether your cat prefers a plush retreat or a chic lounge, there's a perfect match waiting.


Yes, cat hammocks are excellent for cats. They provide a comfortable and secure resting place that satisfies a cat's natural preference for elevated and snug spots. The design supports their body and the elevation offers a sense of safety and a good vantage point.

A cat hammock should be hung in a safe, quiet location, preferably near a window for sunlight. It should be elevated to cater to a cat's love for high perches and away from busy areas to ensure a peaceful resting environment.

Cats enjoy hammocks because they offer comfort, warmth, and security. The soft, body-conforming surface and the elevated position make hammocks an ideal resting spot. Additionally, the slight swinging motion can provide a soothing effect or gentle play.