Jungle World Cat Tree
Jungle World Cat Tree
Jungle World Cat Tree
Jungle World Cat Tree
Jungle World Cat Tree
Jungle World Cat Tree
Jungle World Cat Tree
Jungle World Cat Tree
Jungle World Cat Tree
Jungle World Cat Tree
Jungle World Cat Tree
Jungle World Cat Tree

Jungle World Cat Tree

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Invite the spirit of the jungle into your cat's world. Enrich their life with a climbing tree that not only satisfies their natural instincts but also adds an element of adventure to their daily routine. Give them a piece of the wild to call their own today.


    • 🌿 Jungle Ambiance: Inspired by lush jungles, this climbing tree brings the untamed spirit of the wild right to your home. Your cat will be whisked away on a visual and tactile journey that ignites their curiosity and instincts.
    • 🌟 Thoughtful Climbing Routes: Carefully planned climbing paths mimic the agility-testing challenges of nature, ensuring your cat enjoys a workout while navigating through the branches.
    • 🏞️ Endless Play Opportunities: Multiple hideaways and crawl spaces provide an ever-changing environment for play and exploration. From secret spots to cozy nooks, your feline companion will revel in endless hours of fun.
    • 🐾 Interactive Engagement: The tree's design encourages interactive play, offering opportunities for your cat to stalk, pounce, and leap, just like they would in the wild.

    Our Material:

    • High qualified harmless wood and wrapped by hand with plush & natural sisal rope.

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    HP7.0.1 O-手机端

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Omar Castillo
    I snagged this cool green cat tree for my tiny 6-pound furball

    I snagged this cool green cat tree for my tiny 6-pound furball, and it's like a dream come true. Seriously, this thing is rock solid – no wobbling, no matter how much my little tornado of a cat goes wild on it. Plus, the color totally fits the vibe of my place, like it's part of the crew.

    Alex Armenteros
    Pretty good

    It’s a great tree with tons of stuff for my kitten to do. Only downside is the hanging toy at the top is only held by two staples, so it fell off only after a few days. Was just expecting something a little more durable for $100+. Other than that great tree though!

    Hello, Thank you for choosing Happy & Polly. We appreciate your feedback and we are sorry to hear that our product didn't meet your satisfaction. About the problem you mentioned, we will report it to our product department, and we'll reinforce the hanging toy at the top.

    About Jungle World Cat Tree, we have a special theme and design for the cat tree, and we choose high-quality, harmless, and durable materials for cats to build this.

    We are commited to provide great products for cats and cat parents. Please let us know if you have any questions about our products.

    Perfect XMas gift for Dad!!!

    My Dad recently adopted a little kitty from a shelter, and so I was looking for a cat tree that would both be good quality and would be cuter than just a normal tree from local pet stores. Came across this site and immediately was captivated by the fun designs and eclectic vibe!! The tree I got for my Dad is perfect and so far has passed the vibe check from his hyper little buddy :) It's adorable

    Lauren Norman
    All cats love this!!

    We bought this when we moved into our new apartments and all of our cats love this!! They play on it, sleep on it, scratch on it and its a great decor peice as well. Cound't be happier. Putting it together was super easy, just have to pay close attention to the picture.