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Call us pet lovers, a team of girls who love spending time to observe and share. ;)
Meet Flora, our muse.

Flashback to 2020, we met her after a downpour. She was so ttiny, skinny, and no doubt completely wet. So we feed her, took care of her, and eventually became pawreents of her. Now? She's feed three times a day with her favorite cat food, has three boyfriends' accompanies on different weekdays, and occasionally steals chicken bites from hidden jars. Oh, and she loves to play the BIG BOSS, every item we sell is "FLORA PAW ROVED".

Our story continues, we start to understand her needs, botth physically and mentally. We begin to SHARE with love, to build a community for all cat lovers.


No one truly wants to be alone, so we are looking for a company. We share bed and time with our pets, giving them 100% love, hoping we are someone to them. One day we realized, LOVE FROM BOTH SIDES. Our pets just love us as much as we do. We are simply the best to them.

Likewise, we hope to HEAR from you.

All for our best friends.