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Let us know your require, and let us help in any way we can!

We are Happy&Polly, your one-stop online shop for all things cat-related! We're passionate about creating top-quality cat supplies designed to keep your fur babies happy, healthy, and entertained.

Our love for cats goes beyond their undeniable cuteness. We're committed to making a positive impact on the cat community by supporting the incredible work of cat shelters and individuals. They tirelessly rescue and rehome cats, and we're honored to contribute to their efforts.

So if you have a cat shelter, working in a cat shelter, or just doing your best to help straies. Please let us know so we can donate supplies as your needs. We have plenty of cat trees, water fountains, scratchers, feeders and other things that your kitties would love. All we want is to help in any way we can!

To be considered for donations, please email us the following details:
Social media handles or links
501c3 documentation or other proof of your cat shelter status
A brief introduction or website link for your shelter
Shipping address and phone number
Together, let's make the world a better place for our feline companions.