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Judge whether your fur baby really likes it? Just put it beside the cardboard.

Color: Vintage Blue

This bowl is very convenient, it can be taken down, and it looks good, like glasses, and has a more creative design. My cat rushed over and saw it for a long time. The box is also advanced.

Cute buuuuut

Its cute but its not pastel in person and all of my friends have called it a dick fountain because of the color of the large mushroom ???🙃😭😂

My cat LOVES this brush

My cat hated every brush I tried on her before this -- they all had metal tines and I think that was too rough for her. But this one she can't get enough of! She wants me to brush her all the time. If your cat is sensitive to metal brushes, I highly recommend this!

Cute 💜

Took 10 days for the delivery to Australia which was fast enough. Missing some screws so that was disappointing. However it’s super cute that you can never find in Australia with this price. Love it so far 💖


I am so pleased I purchased this cat litter for my tuxedo cat and works well. I just received this today but I am sure cleaning is easy!!

It’s very nice and the space is large. There is no problem with my cat’s 12 pounds in it, but the cat is too stupid and can’t get out with a baffle.

Love it!

I am very happy with the purchase. I personally prefer the jumbo box more than the tray. Very easy to clean, its design is modern, even my 5 months old kittens found out how to use the entrance door pretty quick

Excellent value

I'm so happy with this purchase. It arrived early, it was easy to assemble, it looks great and my cats love it. It's enough for my cat to explore and hang out and is great for a 2 or 3 cat household.

I don't like to order bigger things sight unseen, but we took a chance on this cat tree. I have to say it has exceeded our expectations, and we love it. More importantly, our cats love it.
I'd definitely recommend it. It's sturdy and safe for cats of all sizes.

Our cat loves it!

I was SUPER pleased with this purchase! The cat tree is very well made, with good design, no smell or anything funny. The assembly is fairly easy as long as you follow the instructions. It actually comes a bit bigger than I anticipated but I have no issue with that.

At first, my girl was too afraid to climb it, so I had to pick her up and make her stay on the platform. Whata??s funny was that she just sat motionlessly, as if she was terrified of falling. I then tried to tease her with those toy balls and sprinkled some catnip (her favorite!) around, making her feel safe and comfy when staying. Now seeing how relaxed she looks when lying on the porch or hiding in that small condo, Ia??m confident that she will love her new castle!

But its way better than my last litter box so 5 stars

Look nice, my cat and I like it very much 😍

hydrated kitty

Initially, my cat was afraid of it, but now she loves it. The running water encourages her to drink more. It holds a lot of water so I don't have to worry about it running out if I'm gone all day. The filters do a really good job of keeping the water clean. It looks nice in my living room and the sound is relaxing as well.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with this purchase.

The Greatest Investment!

We were ever so impressed by this UFO litter box!
I bought this item to stop my cat from kicking up litter and ended up getting so much more.

Just what the Kitty ordered.

She loves it, I love it. Super easy instructions, very nice material, color is a beautiful purple. I mean I can’t ask for anything better. She loved it while I was building it.

Good quality

Such a great tree! Good quality and very easy to assemble. The cats love it and I love them having their own space to relax!


We just adopted a cat a few weeks ago and wanted to get him something like this to satisfy his desire to climb high and watch over everything (and keep him off our countertops!). After a long search and much deliberation, we decided on this cat tree, and couldn't be happier with what we got!! The assembly took less than 30 minutes and once we placed our cat on one of the levels to show him what it was for, we couldn't get him off of it. He climbed all over it, exploring all the levels and playing with the ball at the top, before finally settling in the cubby level, where he laid and slept and watched us for hours. He's so happy with his new tree and we are so happy with the product and how quickly it came to us. I absolutely recommend it for your whiskered children!

very nice. minor flaw

color of the large mushroom makes it look like a penis please make one with a different color to avoid this.

like it

the height is suitable for dogs.


The green one looks good, it's easy to clean and take care of. Worth the money!!!

Very happy

The colors of these bowls match my table setting. I just love them. They are high quality and the ceramic is nice. It came on time I would recommend this product

Nice-looking cat bowl. I like the color and style. It is really stable. The base can also store some small snacks, which is very good.

The quality is very good and the colors are amazing!

The dog likes it very much. This way it won't be so boring. The shipping is fast and the quality of the ball is also good. Dog like it very much💕