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  • 🐾 Multi-Cat Friendly: Choose between the Violet Blossom Trio Cat Tree or the Amethyst Floral Cat Tree, perfect for homes with multiple furry friends.
  • 🏡 Sturdy & Secure: Built with durable materials, our cat trees provide a stable environment for your pets to climb, play, and relax. This cat tree supports approximately 25 pounds. 
  • 🌿 Premium Sisal Posts: Let your cats satisfy their scratching instincts on high-quality sisal posts, saving your furniture from damage.
  • 💜 Elegant Violet Hues: Add a touch of sophistication to your home with these stylish violet cat trees, blending seamlessly with any decor.

Upgrade your cat's lounging experience with our Violet Acrylic Cat Trees today! 🐾


  • Acrylic  + sisal + wood.


Assembly Steps

Violet Blossom
Crystal Floral

Unlock Boundless Joy for Your Feline Friend!

Perfect for Multi-Cat Homes

Ample Space: Multi-level platforms for each kitty to play, nap, and explore.


Cozy Hammock: Iron-wrought cat hammock on the bottom gently sways, providing a relaxing retreat.

Easy Maintenance

Effortless Cleaning: Smooth acrylic surface and replaceable mats

Durable Stability:Enduring acrylic withstands claws, ensuring lasting beauty and stability.


Wood Protection: Coated with eco-friendly wood wax oil for enhanced durability and easy maintenance.

Fashionable Contemporary Design

Modern Simplicity: Minimalist acrylic design integrates with contemporary decor, adding sophistication.


Great Material: Solid wood pillars, furniture-grade quality, environmentally friendly and durable.

Crafted Details

Space-Saving Design

Floral-shaped base adds elegance and saves space.

Sisal-Wrapped Poles

Encourages vigorous scratching.

Durable Base

High-quality sisal carpeting on the base ensures durability.

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Is it possible to order individual replacement parts for this cat tree?

Absolutely! You can definitely order individual replacement parts. Just reach out to our customer service team with your specific requirements, and they'll be happy to assist you.

How much weight can this cat tree hold?

We recommend this cat tree for cats weighing up to 15pounds.

Is assembly required for the climbing frame?

Yes, minimal assembly is required for the climbing frame. Detailed instructions are provided for easy setup.

Is the climbing frame easy to clean?

Absolutely! The smooth surface of the acrylic material makes cleaning effortless. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth to maintain its pristine appearance.

Is the climbing frame suitable for large cats?

While the climbing frame is durable, it may not be suitable for larger or heavier cats due to its design. It's best suited for smaller to medium-sized cats.