Moonlight Cat Tree Accessories

Moonlight Cat Tree Accessories

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HP7.0.1 O-手机端


  • Contains 2 pieces of star, cloud, and crescent moon with rope.  A total of 6 accessories
  • A staple gun is recommended for reinforcement, but it can also be sewn with a needle and thread.

Customer Reviews

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Very sturdy. I got some fat cats & so far, no one has collapsed it. Great purchase.


I love it so much it's so perfect and tall my kitties love sleeping in the pouch and the very top platform with the cloud

Cute but glad I got it discounted

This cat tree is adorable and I’ve been wanting it for a long while - grabbed a mystery large cat tree and it was this one in style E! I was very happy! But upon assembly (which was fairly easy, considering) I realized that the screw included for the pole to hold the cloud platform was too short to fit through the two platforms it had to go through to secure the top. We found a solution in the basement but the platform is not secure at all and it will only be a matter of time before it will probably start leaning. I am very glad I did not pay full price, would’ve been more frustrated than I was trying to get the piece on.
It’s cute and feels nice and soft though, so point for that


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Love the cat tree overall, but assembly was nothing easy whatsoever, definitely could use better instructions!!