5 Things You Need to Know Before Picking the Perfect Pet Carriers

5 Things You Need to Know Before Picking the Perfect Pet Carriers

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You've finally decided to bring home a new pet, whether it's your first or just bringing another one into the house after losing an old one, and now you need to decide what kind of pet carrier you want to buy. Choosing the right pet carrier can make all the difference in your new pet's happiness and health and will ensure that your pet travels safely and comfortably when you take him to the vet or away on vacation. You need to know five things before picking the perfect pet carrier.

1) Size

It's important to match your pet carrier with your pet. If you travel often, go for a small one so you can stash it in an overhead bin. If you take public transportation or carpool, opt for something larger that can fit on a seat. A medium-sized carrier is ideal for most dogs and cats—and most humans. However, carriers come in all sizes and shapes, so find what works best for you.

2) Style

There are several different styles of pet carriers. Carriers for cats come in various sizes, and most hold your kitty comfortably in a sitting position. Carriers for dogs tend to be more stable and offer more room. In addition, they are usually set up with adjustable partitions so you can get a custom fit. Finally, there is also a popular option known as an airline-approved pet carrier or pet crate, which is typically collapsible enough to fit underneath your airplane seat and be easy to transport through airports or onboard an aircraft. However, these crates typically do not provide much ventilation or movement. They are thus somewhat controversial because some veterinarians believe that pets need access to both for health reasons during travel.

3) Brand

Knowing a little bit about your options is helpful when it comes to picking out a pet carrier. The happy and Polly Pet Carrier is one of our favorites due to its durability and safety features. It's made from sturdy material that's easy to clean, and it boasts ventilation on three sides for good air circulation. There are also doors at both ends of most models and several convenient tie-down points if you need to secure your pet while traveling by car or plane. Plus, it comes in four different sizes, so there's sure to be one that works well for your furry friend, no matter how big or small they are!

4) Durability

A pet carrier should be made of a material that can take some abuse. A flimsy bag or crate may seem like an easy option, but it will fall apart in no time. Think about your pet's daily activity and adjust your choice accordingly. Smaller pets do well in soft-sided carriers that can be thrown into a purse or backpack for on-the-go fun.

5) Price

There are many different types of pet carriers on the market, with a wide range of prices. From $10 up to $200 and more, you can find something that fits your needs and budget. When shopping for a carrier, think about your short-term and long-term needs. If you're planning on taking your pet away on vacation soon, you may want a small carrier that is easy to transport but won't last long term. If price isn't an issue and you plan on traveling with your dog regularly or frequently, look into high-quality carriers made of leather or other materials that can withstand frequent use.


There are many different types of pet carriers available on the market today, so finding the right one can be confusing and difficult. This blog will talk about different types of pet carriers and how they can benefit you and your new pet. We will also discuss choosing between these options and what to look out for when choosing your carrier.

Soft-Sided Pet Carriers

Soft-sided carriers are lightweight and typically easy to carry, but they may not be as durable as hard-sided carriers. If a zipper breaks or fabric rips, or if there's any other damage to soft-sided crates, you won't have a backup.

Hard-Sided Pet Carriers

The style of a carrier that comes to mind first when people think about their pets is hard-sided. These are similar to small suitcases with a door at one end. These carriers have wheels, making it easy to transport them through an airport or store. However, they aren't very versatile and aren't always comfortable for pets. They also tend to be more expensive than soft-sided carriers.

Soft-Sided Top Load Pet Carriers

These carriers are nylon or canvas, similar to a duffel bag. The top opens like a duffel bag and often has a few separate pockets with zipper closures. The sides, front, and back will usually be mesh so that you can see inside it at all times. These carriers are meant to carry smaller animals such as cats and rabbits.

Small Animals in Carriers

First, choose a sturdy plastic or wire cage or carrier with plenty of ventilation. If possible, also try to get one that's just large enough for your small animal so that it doesn't have room to move around too much once it's inside. If there is too much space, the animal could run around in circles until it gets nauseous and passes out. The last thing you want is a sick animal!

Large Dog Carriers

Dogs come in all sizes, from tiny Chihuahuas to enormous Great Danes. The best dog carriers for large dogs are available in a range of options that can accommodate any size dog. For instance, some carriers come with reinforced steel frames designed to keep large dogs from breaking out. Extra-wide dog crates offer plenty of room and can accommodate dogs that weigh up to 100 pounds or more. Other carriers are lightweight and easy to move around but may not be sturdy enough to handle a large furry friend.

Airline Approved Pet Carriers

If you're planning on traveling with your furry friend, investing in an airline-approved pet carrier is worth it. They are more comfortable for smaller pets and can also be used as cages when at home. Airlines require that dogs and cats remain in an enclosed container when traveling—and these containers must be small enough to fit under a seat to be accepted by most airlines. Be sure to measure your dog or cat before purchasing a carrier!

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