We Sent Our Love to Grace For The Voiceless

We Sent Our Love to Grace For The Voiceless

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This spring, we were offered a great opportunity to team up with Brandy Wilder and her animal rescue, 'Grace For The Voiceless', the only animal rescue in Lassen County that consists of 4 helpers.

Brandy Wilder, the president of 'Grace for the Voiceless Rescue'

Brandy told us 'Grace for the Voiceless' is the only rescue that does a TNR program, running off of donations from the public.

As the organization grew, Brandy started to affiliated with a cat cafe called Enchanted cat cafe in Reno Nevada, where she adopts all her cats.


'Grace for the Voiceless' aims to save all neonatal, bottle babies and cats, and help rehome the ferals as many as possible. Bandy has an area set up at her home for injured and sick ferals cats until adoption time, then they are moved to the adoption site at Paws for Effect pet grooming services where people can interact with them.

‘Safe Zone’ at Brandy’s House

We were impressed by her stories and her belief, and we believe we share the same value. For the lives she saved, we sent gifts. You know what? The best things are watching the little ones lying and crouching in the beds, and climbing and sharpening claws on the cat trees.

Arthur Sharpening Claws on the Cat Tree


Arthur Sharpening Claws on the Cat Tree

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