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Then again, it's the end of the year. Do your family members get any changes? 👶?🐱? For us, still the same team, together with the chubby Flora. What about you? Did any little ones join you?

We've picked out our favorite items 🎁💝 for the year 2021, in case you haven't got any idea what to give your fur kids, and hope you guys would love them as we do. And yes, of course, expect positive feedbacks from your little ones.

Moonlight Cat Climbing Frame

Does your girl named Luna? Or is he/she a black cat? This might be the best choice for sailor moon fams.

Spring Series Ceramic Cat Drink Fountain

Remember what we talked about the Rule ONE of your parent‑furchild relationship? Stay hydrated, stay healthy! ⁠


Whale Mouth Shaped Cat Sleeping Mat

I'd bet you will find them behind the cushion...

TV Shape Wooden Cat House

They say cats are like women. Well, true, but sometimes, like men. They like crouching in sofas, and they sleep tight while with TVs. Zzzz... Zzzzz....

Starry Sky Cat Climb Tree

Have you witnessed the beautiful meeting of venus and the crescent moon?

Cup Noodles Shaped Cat House

There is a cat named Noodle. And when it jumps into this cat bed, IT'S OFFICIALLY CUP NOODLE!

Rainbow Series Tie‑Dye Princess Cat Bed

‑' Mommy, do princesses dream candy 🍭🍬 dreams?' ‑' Well, why don't you try, my little princess? ❤️ Sweet dreams.'

Delicious Food Cat Catnip Teaser Wand

Japanese cuisine or fast food, that's a question. Master! Can I have Ramen, please?

Peach Shaped Cat Litter Mat

Shake your bum bum and paw paw. Make sure you keep the house clean.

Spaceship Shaped Cat Litter Box

'Nah, I don't want to squeeze in the same little box with hooman.' Cats would definitely like to have their own spaceships, for their privacy concern.

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