Cats at play: Cat trees that might impress your fluffy highness

Cats at play: Cat trees that might impress your fluffy highness

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Cats are the ideal pet for cat lovers as they are elegant, brilliant, and shooting companions that know best how to keep the distance. To others, they are annoyingly cool and aloof. However, if you think about cat furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is a cat tree, cat climbing frame, or cat tower. However, choosing the suitable cat climbing trees for your adorable pet can be challenging. Well, here are our suggestions for further refinement of your options.

How to pick the best cat tree for your kitty?

Cat trees, also called cat towers, offer cats a sense of surety, security, and assurance. The best cat trees promote exercise, giving a secure or private place to jump, play, climb, and scratch. There are many different cat trees to consider for your furry pet. Some have little compartments, some are very tall, some have toys built-in, and some are lower. One must always go for claw-friendly trees, whether faux fur or carpet. The best cat tree should always provide traction; otherwise, your furry kitty could fall. Look for a material that can last longer. You can also set up the tree near a window so they can see the world outside. The best cat trees are Small or medium cat trees for kittens, large cat trees, cat trees with scratchers, cat condo trees, cat trees with toys built-in, and cat trees with ladders or ramps.

Cat climbing frame is the other great suggestion for your kitty as they can climb high to check out what's going on around them without fear. Look for features your furry pet needs. If they like to scratch at furniture, get your cat a climbing frame with built-in sisal scratching posts. If they swat at people, get them a frame with built-in toys to burn off excess energy.

The importance of cat trees

Cat trees encourage many essential functions which are crucial to a cat's wellbeing – the climbing poles work as scratching posts, helping the cat to take care of their claws and exercise the muscles regularly, but also to leave their scent on; the playing, climbing, exercising help a cat to get physical activity and is the closest thing to climbing a real tree which is a natural daily activity for a cat. Cats are lovers of personal space; they like to mark their territory; the cat tree provides it for them.

Most crucially, the cat tree's height helps the cat to feel protected in a high place away from the dogs looking down on its territory, and they also enjoy having a great view of everything going on in the home. Although, not all cats will choose to be up high, but if you have one that does love high places, then get your pet a cat tree; your furry pet will love you for it. Cat trees are also an excellent tool for having a baby because it allows the cat to remain in the same room as the kids.

What is your kitty's style?

  • There are a lot of different and unique styles of cat trees to consider:
  • Some have condos that allow cats to escape whenever they feel attacked, and some have toys built-in.
  • Some are very large, while others are lower.

They range in different sizes, materials, and functions. Don't be overwhelmed! First, ask yourself these essential questions. After reading this article, we hope you will know more about cat climbing trees, cat towers and choose the right cat tree for your adorable little pet. Here are some options to narrow down your search:

  • Active cats

Three things to be kept in mind whenever you're purchasing a cat tree for your adorable companion: Health, age, and activeness. Cat tree with more apartments and extra space is best for small cats whereas, short cat trees with more ladders and ramps are the best choice for older cats.

  • Do you think your cat likes scratching?

Generally, cats enjoy scratchers, but some cats like their scratcher to be vertical while others prefer it to be horizontal. Most cats have preferences, and you'll have the best results if it matches your cat's style of scratching.

  • How many pets do you have?

If you have multiple cats, it is essential to look for a cat tree with both entrance and exit; that way, the pets can have collective ways to get in or out. If you have a cat along with a dog or any other pet, make sure they have enough personal space to avoid their destroying behavior.

  • Does your pet like's height?

It is strongly suggested to know whether your cat likes height or not. If your cat likes to hide under the bed might enjoy a small cat tree. However, if your cat likes to go on the high surface in the room would thrive with a tall cat tree.

  • How socialized your cat is?

If your cat is friendly, playful, and cheerful, then look for a cat tree with apartments and toys built in to give them a little hideout along with some fun. As we know, some cats prefer to play with their owners; on the other hand, there are several of them who are a loner. Those cats will flourish with a cat tree that has toys built-in it even if you're not at home with your pet.



To properly care for your furry pet, you'll need to make sure that they can play and stay entertained while you're not with them. This is why a cat tree is a wise investment for you and your cats. Cats can get bored quickly, and a bored cat can cause extreme damage to your house by scratching your furniture or by destroying stuff. A cat tree has many advantages and will save you from worrying about your cat damaging your sofa or your walls. Buying a cat tree can be difficult as they come in different varieties, but offers the best quality cat trees to ensure your furry pet's safety and needs. Whatever your cat craves, there's always a cat tree made just for them.

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