Automatic Litter Box VS Regular

Automatic Litter Box VS Regular

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Litter boxes help keep your house and compound tidy, especially if you have pets. Most people prefer cats as their pets. Cats have the freedom to wobble and peek into every corner of your home. You do not want your pet messing around and leaving dirt almost everywhere. Litter boxes are the perfect solution to keeping your premises clean and tidy.

Before you opt for a suitable litter box for you, there are numerous considerations you need to observe.

  • The type of litter box you need
  • The number of cats you keep as pets
  • Your presence in the house or within the compound
  • Your working schedule

Here are the two types of litter boxes:

  1. Regular litter box
  2. Automatic litter box

Regular Litter Boxes

Before we go further, let's analyze a regular litter box and its pros and cons.

A regular or ordinary litter box is the simplest option for choosing a litter box. Cleaning usually requires absolute human intervention. There are three types of traditional litter boxes:

Open Litter Boxes

Among all other designs, these are the least expensive. They can increase the cat's comfort by simply allowing maximum ventilation.

Hooded Litter Boxes

Hooded or covered litter boxes are made of plastic materials and have a plastic dome or hood covering the pan and litter. They help curb the amount of waste eliminated over the litter pan walls and that which is tracked outside the wall. To some extent, they contain odor extensively.

Top-entry Litter Boxes

The box is tightly closed with a wide or relatively large opening on the top, allowing your cat to come in and relieve themselves. Some top-entry boxes are grated on top, allowing the cat's waste to drop into the box, helping reduce litter tracking swiftly.

Automatic Litter Box

This is a self-cleaning type of litter box. To a higher degree, this type of litter box will save you much time due to its ability to clean itself. Unlike regular litter boxes, automatic ones can do the most critical jobs for you. They are very suitable for everyone. So, if you are scared of adopting a cat as your pet and hate the tedious cleaning, you should consider this litter box. They will save you time and energy, maintain your atmosphere's freshness, and retain the house's tidiness.

Check out the following types of automatic litter boxes, choose your best, and have a lovely feline relationship.

3-Connect Litter-Robot

It is ideal for any cat but not suitable for kittens. It can work with any clumping litter. Depending on your available space, it's slightly taller than the other automatic litter boxes. It is soundproof. Its globe spins quietly during the cleaning process and deposits lump and lumps into a lined receptacle under the box. Another fantastic feature about this robot litter box is that it automatically alerts you when the box waste liner needs removal or replacement.

Scoop-Free Ultra Self Cleaning

It uses pre-filled disposable crystal litter trays. These trays have exceptional moisture-wicking and odor-blocking properties. However, you should not set this litter box in a moist environment; and you should dispose of its trays within a few weeks of usage (in the case of a single cat household).

Simply Clean Self-Cleaning

It's beneficial for small cats (15 lbs and under) and kittens. It features a conveyor belt screening system that infiltrates and operates quietly and consistently with little to no noise pollution. Some cats are scared of unusual sounds, so this silence helps the cats to adapt to any new litter box.

The box is cost-friendly. Recycled plastic bags can be lined in the waste container again; this helps contain expenses.

 Multi-Cat Self Cleaning

This is the perfect litter box for a household with more than one cat. It is also suitable for large cats  (15 lbs and more). It has raised walls that prevent the litter box from sticking out. Its ability to keep waste intact for a week is an added advantage, although it is used by several cars. It has an electric tracker which works over on any clumping litter.

You surely want your house to smell good always; the carbon filters within the self-contained waste receptacle will always ensure that you get the value for your money.


Judging from the above comparisons and similarities, pros, and cons, you can adequately and quickly locate a litter box that best suits your need based on price, size, and even durability. I'm sure your choice won't be lavishing cash all the time, especially since you want to save more money. It's necessary to read through the reviews of all your heart-compelling litter boxes before you opt to get a better and long-lasting litter box.

Let your visitors and family enjoy a serene atmosphere while at your home. A clean environment will guarantee safety from diseases like diarrhea since it will be hard for flies to transfer the dirt to your food or water.

In automatic litter boxes, most of them need clumping litter, whichever the brand. They are generally not silent but have such a minimal amount of sound and are easily undetectable.

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