Best Black Cat Names in 2022

Best Black Cat Names in 2022

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Have you ever imagined why it's essential to name your cat? Before we tackle the question, let's look at why it's necessary to keep cats as pets.

Cats are essential when it comes to home keeping. Besides serving as an additional beauty to your home, you can tame cats to help you eradicate rodents such as mice and reptiles like lizards and snakes.

If you’re alone in the house, a single cat can take a super spot to become your best companion. Feline environments are the best you can enjoy if you don't want to talk to anyone. You will be surprised to learn that most cats actually can learn your mood and play along accordingly. Just as the saying goes, 'black is power,' black cats may seem to symbolize so many supernatural, superstitious and natural powers.

Now back to the main issue—black cat names 2022. It's necessary to find a name that suits your cat but which cannot portray your cat negatively and also turn off your family members, neighbors including your guests

You can adapt cat names from several sources or backgrounds like watching movies, humor scenes, nature, mysteries/phenomena, and many more scenarios. Some people choose their cat names to stay intact with specific unforgettable memories. Imagine naming your cat based on your best zodiac attraction! Amazing! If you are too attracted to planets and the solar system, you will probably give your pet cat a name like; Pluto, Venus, or Sunshine to maintain your zodiac or solar love connectivity.

Below are some of the most common names for black cats and their meanings. These cat names fall into different categories, including:

  • Mystic cat names
  • Mysterious cat names
  • Funny cat names
  • Unisex black kitten names
  • Cat names from movies, and
  • Famous cat names

Mystic Cat Names

  • Pluto: in the famous Edgar Allan Poe's story, the name Pluto represents both the Underworld ruler and the name of the black cat.
  • Voodoo: This traditional practice has always been dark and mystically powerful.
  • Hades: in ancient mythology, Hades is considered another ruler.
  • Fortune: this is a play on a superstition that depicts black cats as unlucky.
  • Nimbus:in Latin, it means dark clouds and beautifully describes black cats
  • Loki: this trickster shares most of the wily felines' characteristics.
  • Wicca:the name is adapted from the mystical woman who traditionally kept black cats.
  • Sphinx:the name is adapted from a culture with a mythical creature that idolized cats.
  • Jinx: the name describes the attitude of some people towards your cat.
  • Tenebris: it's a Latin name that stands for darkness.

Mysterious Cat Names

  • Ophelia's name is beautiful; however, it's taken from a mysteriously dark play.
  • Ozzy: this is the name of the Prince of Darkness, best suites black cats.
  • Dracula: this is just a character who is notoriously dark and mysterious.
  • Raven: it's a name for a traditionally dark creature which makes it perfect when it comes to black cats.
  • Phantom: This is a simple descriptor of a sneaky and quiet feline.
  • Shadow: Shadows are always dark and mysterious.
  • Elvira: the name is enigmatic because it symbolizes the Mistress of the dark.
  • Casper:This name has been associated with Casper's film, making it catchy for black cats.
  • Midnight:This is usually the darker and more mysterious moment.
  • Misty: This elusive behavior happens to mimic some cats' behaviors.

Funny Cat Names

  • Boo: it's associated with the black cat Halloween holiday.
  • Ninja: This is the perfect funny name for any black cat that is agile and nimble.
  • Nyan: it's simply a throwback funny internet sensation known as Nyan Cat.
  • Ham:this is a funny and odd thing to name your cat.
  • Scratchy:can describe your black cat's personality or might be a reference to The Simpson's black cat.
  • Snowball: This is a clever and intelligent way of playing with words on your black cat.
  • Whispurr: it's a funny pun name given to a black cat.
  • Catzillais the most convenient funny name for a mischievous little black cat.
  • Castsanova: means a good joke for your friendly and loving black cat.
  • Schrodinger: the name is from a famous man whose theories involve cats.

Unisex Cat Names

  • Lucifer: the name is adapted from an interesting character in a movie called Cinderella.
  • Gideon: the name is interesting in Pinocchio.
  • Am: adapted from a fantastic character in the Lady and the Tramp.
  • Pom-Pom: the beautiful name originates from an interesting character in Cinderella II.
  • Jemima: It's a Hebrew name meaning dove.
  • Raja: this fantastic name is interesting in the movie Aladin.
  • Dina: This interesting name is scooped from a compelling character in Alice in Wonderland.
  • Lavia: the name originates from Italy and means blonde or golden.
  • Kali: This is an African name meaning strong or energetic.
  • Yolanda: the name is adapted from Greek, and it means flower.
  • Kentameans healthily strong and courageous and can be used for firm and demanding cats.
  • Catmandu: a name for exotic black cats.

Cat Names from Movies

  • Carolina: It's adapted from the Tim Burton film "Caroline" with a nameless black cat.
  • General: in Stephen King's "Cat Eye," a mysterious cat is featured.
  • Salem:the name is adapted from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.
  • Selina: this is the secret identity of the infamous Catwoman.
  • Berlioz: in the movie Aristocrats, this is a name of an adorable black kitten.

Famous Cat Names

  • Monty: This is the name of one of the most famous cats in the world, born different, unlike other cats
  • Elvis:known for his jet black shiny hair, he was the king of rock and roll.
  • Cindy Clawford: a funny pun adapted from the gorgeous appearances of Cindy Clawford.
  • Grumpy: the name doubles as a famous cat and a potential descriptor.
  • Chairman Meow: is a pun on one notorious dictator from China.


Generally, names have a deep attraction to many people all around the globe. Some tourists can be highly attracted and attached to you because of your cat's name or behavior. It's crucial to conduct profound research before you name your kitten. As it is with humans, cats can quickly adapt the features and characteristics of the original name owner, so it's good to understand the origin, meaning, and importance of any before you name your cat.


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