Different Cat Cafe Around the World

Different Cat Cafe Around the World

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Cafés are public places where people can go for a snack, tea, coffee, wine, and other drinks. But have you wanted to own a cat café? Most people keep cats for various reasons, e.g., to keep away destructive animals like rats and snakes, whereas others prefer cats just as pets.

Cat cafés are themed-cafés whose major attraction is cats. People visit the cafés and pay some cash to watch and have fun with the cats. Most cafés also offer drinks like coffee and tea after the guests have made a reservation.

There are those that charge guests for the drinks and some offer drinks free of charge, as long they pay a reservation fee.

The first Cat Café was established in Taipei back in 1998. Since then, many countries and cities across the globe have embraced the love of felines.

Currently, there are several kitty cafés globally, with Japan having the highest number of them (150), more than any country in the world.

Cats are playful and very entertaining. Spending some little time with them helps you release stress and make you happy. Whether you are looking for one for adoption or watching and having fun with them, a cat cafe is a right place.

This article will find the famous world's leading kitty cafés that will suit your need. Below are the top cafés you might find interesting and their links for further inquiries

1. Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, London, U.K

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium was officially opened in 2014. It is located in Indiegogo and goes on record as the first cat café to be set in the U.K. It's also the first crowd-funded cat café, raising more than €100,000. Reservations are necessary. Visit the café for a beautiful one-hour playtime. Enjoy a "High Tea" session-a 3-tiered plate is sweet and savory selections, e.g., cakes, scones with jam and clotted cream, cheese, and salad.


2. Brooklyn Cat Café, Brooklyn, New York

Here reservations are not mandatory. All are welcome, and there is a very nice treatment for both vegans and vegetarians. Visit and have a glimpse taste of the beautiful and friendly cats. Are you wondering where to buy a cat? Brooklyn cat Café is the right place for you since cats are also for adoption.

3. Neko no Jikan, Osaka Japan

Neko no Jikan was opened in 2014 in the Shinsaibashi entertainment district. Despite the strict no-pet policy, which is mandatory in most of Japan's apartments, it's a bit funny that Japan has the highest number of kitty cafés in the world. Japan is home to one hundred and fifty (150) cat cafés located in Japan's capital city, Tokyo.

You can book reservations, visit the place and have fun with the friendliest kitties.

4. Cat Café Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

Cat Café Melbourne was opened in 2014. Reservations bookings are required and often last an hour. If you want to adopt a cat, this is the perfect destination. However, you can visit a Catmosphere café in Sydney where cats are 100% for adoption. You will also enjoy cool coffee and some cookies with 'catstronauts.'

5. Meow Parlour, New York

Meow Parlor is a permanent spot in New York that opened in 2013. You don’t have to make reservations to visit Meow Parlor. Here, cats are rescued, and later on, they reunite with their owners with luck.

6. Cats Republic, Petersburg, Russia

Cats Republic is the first to be laid in Russia. St. Petersburg is the home to Hermitage cats. These cats go out and hunt rats and unwanted guests. Once they are done, they return to a "Cats Republic" where they are treated with honor as ' special citizens.’each customer pays about $7 for a 'visa,' after which a cat ambassador leads the way. Each cast member must Meow 3 times for them to be seen. There is a library where you can buy a cat-covered pillow. A cafe section for snacks or two is also available. You’ll experience real fun here.

7. Le Café Des Chats, Montreal, Canada

Le Café Des Chats was opened in 2014 in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood. It is the first permanent Montreal city's outsport. Currently, it houses several cat-serving storefronts. The Canadian feline fenzy opened "the happy cat" [Café Chat L'Heurex] a few months later. A little fun session with the cats won't do you any harm.

8. Kit Tea, San Fransisco, California

Kit Tea is located along the Hayes Valley. It has a favorable environment that keeps the kitties happy. Wooden walls are another beautiful feature you will find here.

Book a reservation early since space is limited, and enjoy a sweet "meow cookie" (a cat-shaped Oreo)

9. Cat café Neko no Niwa, Singapore

Cat café Neko no Niwa is located across the Singapore River from the fashionable Art House. The cafe isn't just about cats but also various other attractions. There are "Alfie de meow" purveyors—a custom cat-themed jewelry line—also known as human catnip. When you buy any of the pieces of jewelry, 10% of the proceeds go to a local non-profit organization that saves stray cats (CATSI)

10. Cat café Macskakávézó, Budapest, Hungary

Cat café Macskakávézó was opened in 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. Guests pay an entrance fee that covers unlimited drinks, meals, and board games. You don't pay charges for time spent with the cats.

11. Le café des Chats, Paris, France

Let café was opened in 2013 and currently has two locations in Marais and the other in Bostille. Reservations are mandatory for a first kitty Café. Cats are not for adoption, but cafe owners help direct interested people to the right adoption places.

12. La Gatoteca, Madrid, Spain

La Gatoteca is the headquarters of a cat rescuing NGO, ABRIGA, which teaches and enlightens people about cat adoption. La Gatoteca is located near Reina Sofia Museum and the Atocha train station. There is a cat shop and a beautiful cat mural-covered wall. All cats are for adoption; hence reservation booking not necessary.

13. Pee Pees Katzencafe, Berlin, Germany

Pee Pees Katzencafe is only a 20 minutes drive to Berlin city center and was the first to be opened in Berlin in 2013. A service offer of their delicious pastries and homemade cakes will surely turn you on. You won’t regret a visit to this amazing place.


CAT CAFÉ is more than just cats in a zoo. You can relieve your stress and have a positive outlook on life. Having fun with the kitties is an awesome thing, and you will learn more about the cats in just a few hours.

This is your chance to own a smart, well-trained and clean cat if you still don't have one.

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