Best Cat Beds To Suit Your Cat’s Personality in 2022

Best Cat Beds To Suit Your Cat’s Personality in 2022

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There are lots of cat beds available on the market in 2022, but not all of them will do for your fur baby.  Every cat is unique and tends to have a distinct personality that makes us laugh, cry and sometimes sigh in exasperation.  Regardless, these feisty feline personalities are what makes us love them more and more each day.  

Now as our furry friends lounge around our homes, have you noticed that they tend to hang out in a position that accentuates their personalities? The petite, timid cat, sleeps curled up in a neat, little ball.  The large, lazy tomcat hangs over the edge of something belly up and sprawling.  The energetic feline is resting with one eye open atop her playground.  

What if you could find a cat bed to match your cat’s personality?

A Cat Bed To Suit Your Cat’s Personality

We went hunting to find the most amazing cat beds of 2022 from cuddly flower beds to miniature human beds. We've got some fun and fancy options for your furry friend.  

The Rainbow Baby

Does your cat’s personality have more colours than the rainbow?  Then this bed is for them.  Super soft with non-slip base, this machine washable and dryer friendly cat bed will give your star the perfect privacy and comfort.  

The Hidden Ninja

Is your cat a hidden ninja? Jumping out from behind furniture.  Tackling your ankles and biting your toes when you least expect it? Then they will love this 2 in 1 Round Stool Cat Bed.  This bed will allow them to secretly hide inside a piece of furniture.  It’s also super convenient for yourself as you can put up your feet and relax too.  That’s if they don’t get to toes first!


The Space Explorer

We all wish we could go to outerspace, but for your feline explorer, this is the next best thing.  You can place this Space Capsule Cat bed on top of a cupboard or on a bookshelf and their can safely watch the happenings of the earth below.  

The Couch Potato

Does your cat love to relax in front of the Television? Well what if they had a TV all to their own? They can enjoy sleeping comfortably inside a TV Shaped Wooden Cat Bed.  Featuring environmentally friendly materials and even it’s own scratching board, small ball and hole.  It’s a bed that will help get your furry couch potato on the move.  

The Human

Sometimes our cats are so much like humans, that we swear they were one in a previous life.  Well treat them like the little human they are with their very own bed.  With a wooden frame from high-quality pine and a soft cotton pad that is removable and machine washable.  You’ll find it easy to clean and afford you the luxury of treating your cat as the smallest human member of the family.  

The Princess & Prince

Are you the owner of a princess or prince? Do they require things done on their schedule with precision and attention to detail? Then give these royal creatures their very own thrones with a Plush Throng Cat Pad Bed.  Available in pink, grey or blue, they will feel like they are being treated like royalty with this comfortable plush bed.  Excellent for heat retention and breath ability.  

The Marshmallow

Are you looking for a bed that is as fluffy and cute as they are? Then look no further than this Marshmallow Cat Sleeping Bag.  Designed for winter in a range of styles and sizes, this warm plush bed will keep them snuggly and warm all night long.  


The Bohemian

This is the perfect bed for the cat with a free and roaming spirit.  This Bohemian Styled at Hammock features beautifully as a wall hanging or storage platform.  With an elegant design and quality craftsmanship, your furchild will be swinging happily all day long.  

The Baby

Is your cat, literally a baby? Well they will feel right at home in the Rocking Cradle Cat Bed.  Made out of soft corduroy with an inner pad that is completely removable and machine washable, this bed is very easy to clean.  With an easy rocking motion your cat can drift off to sleep in comfort or enjoy playing with the cat ball that hangs above the inside of the bed.  

The Busy Bee

For the cat that gets their nose and paws into everything, they will be sure to want to check out this buzzing bed.  Shaped as a honeybee, This plush, cat skin-friendly bed will have them snuggled up tight and hopefully not getting into further mischief.  


The Roaring Beast

Some cats ‘roar’ louder than others, but if your cat is meowing as loud as a dinosaur then they can roar away in here.  This Dinosaur Shaped Cat Cave is made from 100% durable soft, polyester fiber.  Safe with no odor they can enjoy the safety of this cosy cave all year round.  


The Crabby Morning Riser

Is your cat not a morning person? Then let them express their unhappiness at being awoken so early with this crabby little bed.  With high-quality flannel material it is safe and easy to clean, not to measure the non-slip design on the bottom to keep them secure while they doze on into the late morning. 

The Pink Princess

Do you have a little pinky on your hands? Then let them shine in this Fancy Pink Hand Made Cat Bed.  With a soft pink bow and comfortable sleeping mat, this little pink number wil let them relax and sleep away all the hard work your princess has done walking to her food bowl everyday. 

Final Thoughts

We love our furry little friends and their feisty attitudes.  When they spend so much time each day sleeping and napping, it’s important that they do so in a fun, comfortable and safe environment.  We hope you liked our fun little list of cat beds to suit your cat’s personality in 2022.  Although a bit of fun, all options selected were of high-quality, with safe and durable beds to provide your cat with the utmost comfort, while still expressing their quirky personalities.

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