The Kitty Parent’s Guide to Cat Furniture in 2022

The Kitty Parent’s Guide to Cat Furniture in 2022

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Cat owners around the world all want the same thing – for their feline fluffball to be happy.

That’s why we do everything we can to spoil them, right?

Afterall, they deserve it! Our cats helped us get through 2021. This past year was filled with lots of unexpected changes, difficult situations, and a wide range of emotions. Through both the laughter and tears, our kitties were loyal companions.

Now, as we embrace 2022, it’s time to begin thinking about how to take care of them…in the cutest way possible!

Luckily, Happy and Polly has put together the ultimate kitty parent guide to buying cat furniture.



Why do cats love furniture so much? A look into feline psychology

A popular question we get asked a lot at Happy and Polly is, “Do indoor cats really enjoy furniture?”

The answer is, yes!

When it comes to figuring out how to make your cat purrrrr with happiness, offering high-quality cat furniture made specifically for their bodies is the way to go. For example, most people know that cats like heights. Oftentimes, a cat will purposely seek out the tallest item in a room (such as a shelf, kitchen counter, or cabinet) and perch themselves up high.


Well, this behavior has to do with feline instincts. Cats feel safe when they are off the ground. Being elevated helps them avoid being surprised, ambushed, or accidently stepped on. In addition, cats are territorial animals. Being on a higher level gives the perfect vantage point. They can see everything!

These are the main reasons why cats adore furniture so much.



What are the benefits of buying cat furniture in 2022?

From studying their psychology, we know cats are happier, healthier, and live longer when their owners consider how to best meet their feline’s innate desires. The benefits of doing so are numerous.

To start, cats need a space to call their own. Let’s face it…in 2022, our households are often busy places! Between children running around, other pets on the prowl, and human beings coming and going 24/7, the noise and activity can get overwhelming for a cat.

The good news is, cat furniture offers an escape. Kitties can run up a cat climbing tree and rest easy knowing they are out of reach.

From a health perspective, this lowers their stress levels. Imagine not having a bed to sleep in every night. And being worried about somebody stepping on your tail. Or stealing your favorite seat in the living room. You would probably get annoyed, right? The same logic applies to cats. As furry members of your family, it’s important to dedicate special spots only for their use.

The best way to do so? Incorporate cat furniture into your home design.

And don’t forget!

Cat furniture is also great for your kitty’s physical health as well. Climbing up and down furniture is an excellent form of exercise. Furthermore, Happy and Polly cat furniture is made from natural sisal rope. This material is safe and can withstand the wear and tear of cat claws. In fact, many Happy and Polly products are created with cat-friendly scratching mats, boxes, and poles.

As an added benefit, this stops your furniture from being ruined. No need to worry about those sharp little claws tearing up the carpet. Tired of vacuuming cat hair off the sofa? Don’t like finding furballs in the bed? Cat furniture solves these problems.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

5 Different types of indoor cat furniture for 2022

Now, before running out to buy all the cute cat furniture (tempting, we know!) take a second to think about exactly what your cat needs.



Clean drinking water is a #1 priority. Many cats are fussy about the shape and size of their drinking bowl. To fix this, Happy and Polly came up with fresh flowing fountains. These are made from non-toxic ceramic material, have reliable filtration systems, and are easy to clean.



Sturdy, multileveled, and available in a rainbow of colors and beautiful designs, it’s no wonder Happy and Polly climbing trees are bestsellers! 


  • Litter box



Say goodbye to stinky litter. Yuck. Our conveniently shaped litter boxes are covered to keep your cat’s business discreet. Low entrances ensure kittens, cats, and senior felines can easily step in and out. We even offer a fun UFO design – cool!  

  • Cat bed





All cats need somewhere to catch those Zzzz’s…In 2022, go above and beyond with a marshmallow plush nest. Soft, relaxing, and stylish, your kitty is guaranteed to love sleeping in either the dinosaur or leaf cat beds, too.



Last on the list of best cat furniture for 2022 are cat houses. But not the boring wooden type! Nope. Happy and Polly picked the prettiest cat houses. Kawaii milk boxes, cup noodles, bananas, and even cactus styles are all move in ready for your curious kitty.

Where should I put my cat’s new furniture?

After receiving your brand-new piece of cat furniture, you may wonder where in the house it should go?

Again, imagine your cat’s perspective.

Cat Drinking Fountain

Obviously, a water fountain belongs in the kitchen because this is where food is kept. But what about a cat house or cat bed? Here at Happy and Polly, we suggest picking a space that doesn’t get a lot of heavy foot traffic. A hallway is a poor choice. Instead, set up your cat furniture in the corner of a room. Being beside a wall will help them feel protected. The purrrfect spot will be somewhere quiet, warm, and comfortable.

Cat Climbing Tree

On the other hand, cat climbing trees do well in rooms with a view! Your cat will appreciate having their perch near a window. This allows them to bathe in the sunshine and watch the birds, insects, and squirrels outside. While cat furniture is meant to be comfortable, it’s also a fabulous way to beat boredom. A well-placed perch gives your cat a glimpse into the outside world. This will keep them entertained for hours.

Cat Litter Boxes 

For cat litter boxes, opt for the bathroom, basement, or laundry room. This will keep smells to a minimum (and also give your kitty privacy).

What’s your favorite 2022 cat furniture style? Order Today!

Happy and Polly is delighted to offer a wide selection of adorable products. As proud cat owners ourselves, we know exactly what makes a kitty purr! Browse our online shop or visit us on Instagram to get inspired.


Please feel welcome to contact the Happy and Polly team. We would love to hear from you!

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