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9 Best Ways To Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

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Are there cats tend to prefer their environment to be a degree or two warmer than we humans usually choose? The recent hot weather has really tested them and can at times be too hot for them. So Happy & Polly provides a choice of ways for cat owners to keep their cats cool in the heat.

cat cooling in summer
  1. Get a fan for your cat

Let’s start with a really easy one get your cat a fan. It sounds a bit weird, but you need to get one for your cat, and you can put it next to the bed. If your cat is a bit nervous, definitely play some relax music in the background as you're introducing your cat to your fan.

  1. Provide cool places

Did you know that cats can actually get sunburnt? Cats that have lighter colors, or white cats or cream cats, their noses and ears, and anywhere where there's not a lot of furs can get sunburnt. The best way to avoid this is to keep your cat inside during hot times of the day. When the sun is a little bit cooler, then let your cat out.

Cats don't sweat as we do instead they just sweat on their paws and between their toes. So it's really important that we give them a choice of cooler places to spend their time.

  • Create shady spots

    We can help to create those places by creating shiny spots in the garden, using old umbrellas and cardboard boxes, or freezing a bottle of water and wrapping it in a towel.

    • Pet cooling pads or mats

    You can purchase specific pet cooling mats. The gel cooling pad uses a polymer cooling hydrogel, similar to the polymer gel for baby fever. The high water content of the polymer gel can efficiently absorb the body heat into the gel cooling pad. 

    • Ceramic and stone tiles

      Ceramic tiles can stay nice and cool, so if you've got a tiled area in your home.

      • Remember to check sheds & cars

        You might appreciate access to this before closing up your sheds and carriages. Please check the cats enjoying the cool in that and if you go in on a long journey, check your car for stowaways as the extreme heat can be deadly, not only to cats.

        • Shade is important

          A good tip for keeping your cat cool is definitely keep a lot of areas in your home shaded, maybe keep one room with the curtains drawn where they can go. You also can choose breathable and cool cat hammock for you cat to keep cool. They may ask you to place them near screened windows.Also as well as you're cutting off a lot direct sunlight from your cat, make sure you keep your home ventilated as well.

          1. Ice Ice Kitty

          Next one is ice. Cats actually love ice and it's great. If you have to leave the house as well, just pop a few ice cubes in their water bowl and that'll keep it nice and cool. Also another thing you can do, if you've got a metal or ceramic bowl, put it in the fridge for a little while to get the material cold.

          1. Cooling toys

          You can get those cooling packs from the store, or you can make your own. Just get like a tea towel and wet it, pop it in a ziploc bag and freeze it and then that's it. You can wrap up in your cat's blanket or put underneath the bed or a pillow. These can make a massive difference on a hot day.

          1. Water, water, water!

          Water evaporates faster in the hot weather too. It's a really good idea to keep extra sources of fresh water around the house and garden in the shade, but make sure it's placed away from the litter trays and food. Choose ceramic steel or glass bowls as this will keep the water cooler and fresher for longer. Also remember that you could try adding ice cubes to the water as that will keep it colder.

          1. Food in hot weather

          If you feed your cat wet food, make sure to feed your cat little and often to avoid wet food sitting out, going off and attracting flies, likewise the tasty oils and fats in. Dry food can go stale quickly in the heat, so make sure to throw away any uneaten food before you give your cat fresh dry food.

          1. Cool paw game

          You can provide opportunities for cats to cool themselves by playing with water, have a go at creating a kitty paddling pool. I get a large bowl of water and having us from floating ping pong balls to it for the cats to butt around.

          1. Frequent Grooming

          You might notice that your cat sheds a lot of extra fur around a home in spring, and this is because they don't need as much of their warm undercoat that they grow during winter. Even short-haired cats benefit from a weekly brush, especially in hot weather. If your cat isn't keen, let them inspect the brush and offer them treats and rewards for doing so, and gradually build up to brushing. Your cat will thank you in the long run for helping them shed some of the hot fluff.

          >>Cat Grooming Tool

          1. Sunbathers

          With the love of lounging in the garden, cats apprentice or burn just like we are, especially paler or hairless cats. Make sure to ask your vet about an appropriate sunscreen to use for your cats and be sure to apply it to the nose and ears, as these are the most sensitive spots. Avoid using sunscreens made for us as these containing toxic chemicals.

          Staggering, hunting, restlessness, lethargy, sweaty feet, excessive grooming, vomiting red or purple gums are among the signs that your cat is uncomfortable and at risk of heat exhaustion. If you notice any of these signs call your vet for advice. You can undertake some basic first-aid by moving your cats on my corner and dousing them down with a sponge of cool oz heavy water, offer them a little water to drink but don't offer them food until you've spoken to your vet.

          Hopefully, these tips have given you some good ideas how to help your cat keep its cool on hot sunny days. Remember though, all cats are individuals and have their own needs, so keep a close eye on their behavior to work out what they like and don't like. If you enjoyed it and would like to see more news, do not hesitate to visit Happy & Polly official website.

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