Must-Have Cat Accessories For a Happy and Healthy Feline

Must-Have Cat Accessories For a Happy and Healthy Feline

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Cat Essential Supplies

Must-Have Cat Accessories

Accessories for cat’s mental stimulation needs

Litter related accessories

Gadget-related accessories

Importance of Cat Accessories


Regardless of how many cat accessories, treats, and interactive toys you shower on your cat, cats prefer one thing–our attention. For a happy cat, whether a new feline friend or an old cat, please provide the essentials.

The essentials are nutritious wet or dry food, litter boxes, water bowls, veterinarian care, a cat toy, and our love.

An indoor cat also has different needs. Keeping a kitty entertained requires cat toys to make a cat happy. Many cat owners spend frivolously showering their furry friend with fancy cat trees and electronic and interactive amusement toys that not only keep most cast busy but amuse us too.

If you’re a new cat owner, here are tested must-have cat accessories and caring tips for cats.

Cat Essential Supplies

Love is free, but choosing the essentials can be daunting. Pet stores, supermarkets, and online shopping can make choosing the basics overwhelming.

1. Cat food

Not all cats are created equal. A cat’s food should match its life stage from kitty to adult cat to senior cat. Kibble and prepared food options are endless, but the primary importance is that the food contains healthy animal protein, essential fats, and other nutrients felines can’t produce. A cat has a short digestive tract which makes it difficult to digest plant protein and carbs.

Choose from these beneficial proteins in dry food kibble or wet food or provide both, as kibble promotes dental health.

A cat likes protein and fat from these sources:

  • Chicken, duck, turkey, other poultry, or fowl
  • Salmon, tuna, and other fish and seafood sources
  • Beef, lamb, venison, rabbit

Alternate its diet and ensure it gets the best nutrients from multiple sources.

2. Cat food and water bowls

Cat food bowls, water dishes, or automatic water dispensers come in as many varieties as there are cats (it seems). Choose shallow dishwasher-safe dishes that prevent whisker fatigue.

Most cats are notoriously picky, and eating from a dirty dish is unappealing. Keeping your cat's food and water bowls sanitary is more important. What’s equally important is that cats have access to water, so more than one bowl might be ideal.

3. Vaccinations

Even indoor cats need vaccines. Your veterinarian will likely recommend core and lifestyle vaccines and routine shots from 6 to 8 weeks on.

While an indoor cat may never make contact with a rabies-infected animal, some areas require a rabies vaccine certificate by law. Also, if you travel with your cat, you need updated vaccines and certified proof.

This sequence of shots is essential: FVRCP, Rabies, and FeLV for feline leukemia virus.

4. Regular vet checkups

Cats tend to have fewer health issues and are very resilient if provided with proper nutrition, a sanitary environment, physical and mental stimulation, and love.

Many owners overfeed their cats out of love, and obesity is rising. A regular vet checkup can help pet owners stay abreast of potential issues. Joint, mobility, hip, and diabetes are common and costly.

Must-Have Cat Accessories

Being a pet owner is a rewarding experience. Whether a kitten, adult, senior, or rescue cat, the following suggestions are must-have cat accessories.

To make your cat comfortable

Most cat parents know the sun revolves around their cats. Cats don’t mind sharing your bed or sofa, and too bad there isn’t room for you on the window ledge. But they need space and tools to help them be a cat.


A bed can be a fancy mini replica bed, a soft pillow, or a carton with an old blanky that the cat can relax and pussy foot on. If you’re buying, look for fabrics that are durable and washable. Products with zippers are the best.

Don’t be surprised to find your kitty is missing. They have a habit of snoozing in the most bizarre spots.

2. Feline scratching posts

This is a must-have for indoor cats, or you risk having your sofa, mattress, or carpeting clawed. Cats need to scratch.

scratching post or cat tree is wonderful for another reason. Climbing a cat tree suits their nails and comes naturally to them. It's a physical activity, and cats appreciate a perch from above. It makes them feel secure.

Accessories for cat’s mental stimulation needs

Felines have unique intelligence and cat research experts are studying how amazing this animal is. Cats need mental stimulation that mimics their natural feline instinct, like bird watching, hunting, stalking, and pouncing.

1. Toys

The selection of cat toys in a pet store is astonishing, and pet owners spend lavishly on robotic toys, apps, feathery winged toys, moving and lifelike stuffed animals, and whatnot. Cats, however, are creative and make do with string, cardboard boxes, flickering shadows or lights, paper rolls, or your fingers (gardening gloves are a good idea).

Choose the best cat toys, like catnip toys or toys that two cats or older cats can enjoy.

2. Puzzles

Cats benefit from puzzle toys through mental stimulation and physical activity. Puzzle-feeding toys help the kitty shed weight through controlled and slow feeding and movement.

These puzzle toys initiate an intense sense of playing and work well for multiple cats.

Litter related accessories

Cats are super easy to litter train. The hard part is for cat parents to stay on top of keeping it clean.

1. Cat litter

The right type of clumping litter or non-clumping litter is crucial. Choose from several material types like clay, corn, walnut shell, wood chips, wheat, and paper.

2. Litter box

A litter box can be a simple plastic tray-like bucket (not cardboard) that you scoop each time your cat has a dodo or pee. Cats don’t like dirty litter boxes.

World Animal Foundation suggests utilizing the automatic litter boxes as training a kitten to use them is easy. A1utomated litter boxes offer convenience, cleanliness, and improved health benefits, making them an essential accessory for cat owners looking to enhance their pets' well-being and overall living environment.

Tip: Having multiple cats means multiple litter boxes. That's also what makes automatic litter boxes so genius.

3. Litter scooper

You’ll need a scoop, a small container or tray to rest it on, disposable, compostable waste bags, and disinfectant cleaner. You can buy scooper sets or use an old kitchen-slotted spoon. Putting a disposable trackpad next to the box is a great way for the cat to drop debris instead of tracking it through the house.

4. Grooming-related accessories

Cats are low-key, you won’t need too many grooming aids, but a few are helpful, and grooming is vital for their well-being.

Tip: When you bring a kitten home, caress and touch its toes, paws, ears, eye area, and belly. That way, grooming will become second nature. It’s also essential to check for ticks, mites, and fleas.

5. Cat nail trimmer

A cat prefers a scratching post to help with their nails and emotions. You'll occasionally find nails that come off naturally. Speak to your vet about trimming nails and ask for suggestions. Cats don’t like to be cornered, so this takes practice, and you may be able to trim only a few nails at a time.

6. Cat hair comb

Cats are good groomers, but senior cats, long-haired cats, or cats with dense coats need help. Choose a wide tooth or metal comb that doesn’t drag the fur, and start slowly. There are also ribbed gloves that work well and promote a healthy, shiny coat.

7. Cat toothbrush

A cat's teeth can develop tartar and gum diseases; not all cats will tolerate a finger toothbrush. Take it slow; again, it’s best to start this routine with kittens and reward them with affection or a treat.

Gadget-related accessories

If you’re on a limited budget, focus on the basics that help protect them, like vaccines, nutritious food, and vaccinations.

These gadgets and basics are good for indoor and active outdoor cats.

1. Microchip

Microchipping protects your cat if they escape or if they're lost or, worse, stolen. While a microchip isn’t a tracking or GPS tool, when they enter a shelter or vet clinic, they're reunited with the owners.

2. Cat collar

Not all cats appreciate wearing a collar. Cats have compression ribcages and floating clavicles which allows them to fit into small spaces and potentially get hung up on an obstruction while wearing a collar.

A cat collar should fit somewhat loosely, and they’re great for attaching ID tags for those wandering felines.

Importance of Cat Accessories

Cat accessories make our cats happy and promote physical and mental stimulation. Tools and gadgets keep them safe, promote well-being, and are fun.


Regardless of how much you spend, your cat loves you. Spending quality time reduces separation anxiety and promotes mental stimulation. Enjoy!

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