Famous Anime Cat Names For Your Kitten

Famous Anime Cat Names For Your Kitten

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Cats are often depicted in Anime and in many of them they have important roles and big characters, making it too tempting to ignore when naming your cat.

Here you’ll find a list of fiercely adorable kittens that have had remarkable parts in making these cartoons. Choosing a name form this list will ensure that the name embodies the story and charm that your cat deserves!

10. Luna, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (1992)

Although a cat Luna is one of the main characters in the anime series 'Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon'. Luna appears fairly early in the series. She is shown as a clever cat who frequently counsels Usagi.  Luna was Princess Serenity's servant and was close to her. She never wanted to leave her side and always wanted to take care of her. Unfortunately, after a certain turning point, the kingdom had fallen. Luna was put into a long, deep sleep along with Artemis and sent to Earth. Here they were tasked with finding and mentoring Senshi, who was prophesied to have a rebirth there. Luna eventually found Usagi and taught her how to be a Sailor Moon. Luna has bright red eyes and a crescent moon symbol on her forehead.

9. Chi, Chi's Sweet Home (2008)

Chi's Sweet Home' is a great anime for children. It mostly centers on the life a cat by the name of Chi.. Chi is a cute little cat that was accompanied by a boy named Youhei upon his return home. Youhei decides to take Chi with him. This meant they will be taking some risks as their apartment has strict rules against keeping pets at home. Chi feels immediately at home in her new house and bonds with her new family. She lost her mother and was alone when Youhei found her. Chi loves sushi and doesn't like going to the vet. She always wants to play and is quite stubborn at times.

8. Sakamoto, Nichijou (2011)

Nichijou' is a fun little anime. If you are interested in the slice of life genre of anime with light humor, you can enjoy this anime series. Sakamoto is a talking cat. I mean the cat is a regular black cat but it's the red scarf he's wearing that does the magic. With this device, the cat can actually talk to humans. Since cats don't live as long as humans, it turns out that if you compare cat years to human years, Sakamoto is technically much older than Professor and Nano. He prefers to be called Sakamoto-san. Despite acting like an adult, he sometimes succumbs to his true feline nature.

7. Kuro, Ao no exorcist (2011)

Kuro is a kind of divine cat from the supernatural anime series 'Ao no Exorcist'. A special feature of Kuro are his two tails. This phenomenon is considered quite sacred in Japanese culture. Kuro is currently the confidant of Rin Okumura, the main protagonist of 'Ao no Exorcist'. Shiro Fujimoto was the one whose acquaintance was Kuro. But after his death at the hands of Satan, Kuro had no one. This made him vulnerable to humans, which made him quite violent around them. Though Kuro is mostly covered in black fur, his chest is covered in thick white fur. He has greenish-yellow eyes and two little horns.

6. Madara, Natsume Yuujinchou (2008)

From the animated series "Natsume Yuujinchou," we meet Madara, an adorable kitty.. He used to be sealed in a shrine and was once accidentally released to Natsume. He generally takes the form of a maneki neko as he was imprisoned in one place for a long time. This has made Natsume nicknamed Madara as Nyanko-sensei. Madara is quite wise and a very powerful spirit. He protects Natsume and occasionally teaches him spells in exchange for the Book of Friends that Natsume must give to Madara upon his death.

5. Arthur, Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006)

Arthur is a stray cat from the anime series 'Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch'. He is friends with the third princess Euphemia. Their encounter takes place when Euphemia arrives at Area 11. Arthur can cause a stir at times. This behavior can be seen from the time he entered the Lamperouge residence and ran away with Lelouch's Null Mask. This caused quite an annoyance as the entire student body had to run after him to get back the object he had taken. Suzaku likes the cat and builds a cat house for him. Although Arthur is shown to continue biting Suzaku, from the case when Arthur was watching over Suzaku's grave, it can be inferred that he had begun to tend to him.

4. Kamineko, Azumanga Daioh (2002)

Kamineko is a cat who appears in the anime series 'Azumanga Daioh'. A tall, attractive female from the series named Sakaki is one of the main characters. She has a soft spot for cats. She's one of the reasons Kamineko gets screen time for this anime. Sakaki regularly meets Kamineko while going to and returning from her school. Sakaki tries to pet Kamineko, but Kamineko isn't your run-of-the-mill version of cute cuddly cats. It actually bites Sakaki on her hand. What makes it more painful is that Kamineko has bear trap-like teeth. Kamineko doesn't like Sakaki at all. This is evident from the episode where Kamineko tricks all the neighborhood cats into attacking Sakaki.

3. Nekobasu, Tonari no Totoro (1988)

If you haven't seen 'Tonari no Totoro', please do. You will end up liking it. It's a great anime movie from adventure/magic genre. I really enjoyed it. In the story, two sisters, Satsuki and Mei, move to the country with their father to be closer to their mother. As they explore the rural area, they quickly discover that a mystical forest spirit lives in the forest. The ghost's name is Totoro. The two siblings slowly become friends with the ghost and a magical adventure begins. Nekobasu is one of the forest spirits. What is unique about Nekobasu is that he is actually a cross between a bust and a cat. This ability is sometimes useful, such as when Satsuki needed to find Mei.

2. Buyo, Inuyasha (2000)

Next is a big fat cat from 'Inuyasha'. Buyo is a cute fat cat and Kagome Higurashi's pet. If you've watched this anime series, you know how instrumental Buyo was in starting the wonderful adventure that Kagome is able to live. Buyo had fallen into a well at Kagome's family shrine. With no other options available, Kagome ends up in the well. There she meets a demon who transports her to feudal times. Buyo also likes Inuyasha and they both get along pretty well.

1. Kuroneko, Trigun (1998)

A black cat named Kuroneko, or Kuroneko-sama, appears in the space opera anime series Trigun. Although Kuroneko isn't very important to the plot, he can certainly brighten the scene. She appears regularly in the anime series and is present in almost every episode. The character of Kuroneko is used primarily for comic purposes and also to implement a running gag that has persisted throughout the series. Kuroneko also looks weird. She has an oval head and large green eyes. She often says "Nyaa" when she's on screen.

Hopefully this list will help you the right name for your fluffy friend!

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