7 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Cat

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Cat

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Thinking about getting a cat? Don’t know where to start or how to go about getting one? That’s okay, this article covers some things you should know before getting one. Even if you have never owned a cat before, or even been around them, there is a first for everything. Cats, like other animals, are huge responsibilities. The thought of it can be nerve-racking but here are a few things you should know before getting a cat.

1. Cat’s Are a Lifetime Commitment

Like any other pet, they are lifetime commitments. One thing you should truly ask yourself is, “Do I have time for a pet?” Domesticated cats are known to live between 12-18 years old. Having a cat means putting aside some time in your life, you need to provide them with your own personal time because they have needs. They need that time to build a relationship with you, to receive time and effort from you. Cats are commitments, being sure that you will be able to set aside time out of your day, every day, is something to consider before getting one. Ensuring that you will be able to spend time with them and love them is the best way to give them the life they deserve! Here are some things you should know before you get a cat.

2. Make sure your home is comfortable getting a new cat

Taking into consideration your life at home before getting a cat is important. You want to make sure they are going to be comfortable as well as other animals or people that you might already have at home. Have pets or kids at home? Make sure they will get along with your new cat. Making sure your cat will be in a safe environment at home is important. Be sure to monitor your children with your cat, and make sure any pets you already have at home are comfortable with having a cat as a new roomie.

3. Adopt, don’t shop

When thinking about where to get your new cat, keep in mind that shelters have so many that need a forever home. Going to your nearest shelters to look for a cat to adopt is the best thing you can do for them. The great thing about adopting, you can find cats of all sizes and ages. Looking for an adult cat? Or how about a calmer elderly cat? Shelters have cats from kittens to elders, and some great things about adopting from a shelter?

You get to save a lot of money than buying from a breeder, you saved a cat, and you’re giving them a forever home! Pets from shelters are also usually up to date with theirshots, vaccinations, and are even spayed/neutered! Adopting your forever cat from a shelter is the best way to help pets in need of a home, they will thank you forever!

4. Vet appointments are important

Regular vet appointments are important to keep in mind. Making sure you’re taking your cat in once a month is vital to ensure that they are healthy, or if something is wrong with them you will be able to take care of it sooner rather than later. Keeping your cat healthy is important for them to be comfortable and able to live out their best life within your care.

Pets need to get regular doctor checkups to be sure they are healthy and happy!

5. Cats need expenses

Just like any other pet that may require vet visits, bills can add up quickly! Making sure you have insurance or money set aside for emergencies is good to keep in mind. You will never know what could pop up such as a cat fight, or maybe even accidentally eating your family’s fish and getting ill from it. Anything can happen, and getting them professionally checked is key. Vet bills aren’t the only things that add up though. Food, supplies, medicine, and other fun things like toys and cat trees also add up. All of these things can be pricey, but it is all worth it for your furry friend. These things will keep them happy, full, and busy so you both can enjoy your time together.

6. Cats shed quite a bit

Do you have any allergens such as pet fur, or even dander? If you do, you might want to keep in mind that cats shed a lot of fur. Their fur can be irritating if you are terribly allergic to pet fur and dander. Don’t let this stop you from getting one though! There are some solutions to make sure your allergies don’t break out terribly and you can live with them in harmony. (That is if you’re not fatally allergic to them of course…)

Here are some things you can consider doing daily to avoid pet fur taking over your life:

-Vacuum regularly, doing this can help from mountains of fur piling up around your home.

-Brush your cat daily, doing this helps prevent them from shedding so much throughout the day!

-Create a designated space for your cat, this helps keep them in one area of your home which prevents fur from spilling out from everywhere.

-Keep a lint roller (or several) in your home, this way if you need to quickly get the fur off of your work clothes, or even a spot on the couch you can lint roll the fur right off.

-Invest in an air purifier, this can help a lot with pet fur and dander around your home, especially if you have allergies!

7. Declawing your cat is cruel

When getting a cat, don’t even consider declawing them. It’s the worst way possible to try and contain their claws. Yes, cat claws can be sharp and very painful when you’re just trying to rub their little bellies or maybe they get carried away when the two of you are playing. Declawing is painful for them, and it definitely is not natural. The declawing process is not only taking away their claws, but it messes with the bones within their paws. This can lead to painfully long-term effects that can make them uncomfortable.

There are other ways that you can do to contain your cat’s claws. Get proper nail clippers for your cat and carefully clip them regularly. During regular vet visits, you can ask the vet to clip them for you if you’re a little skittish doing it at home yourself. If your cat is more of an outdoor adventurer, the world outside will naturally keep its claws dull such as running on concrete, the streets, or even climbing up buildings and trees!



Always keep in mind that cats need to be cared for, they are big responsibilities (like any other pet!) and require attention and affection. Making sure you are prepared to take on a cat as a part of your family is also a big commitment. Keep in mind, that all cats are different in their own way!

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