Flora's back, alright!

Flora's back, alright!

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Thank you guys for all your love and care to Flora. Sorry for updating for a while, but Flora's back, and she's alright now.

Previously, Flora refused to eat or drink, and we had no idea what to do.

Here're what we did.

We tried to talk reason with her, she just ran away from us and hid under the desk in the corner.

We tried to feed her with a baby dispenser, things became ugly, and we didn't get a chance to take pictures. Two of us were there to press her, and the other tried to push the dispenser and make sure the fluid all the way down from the corner of her mouth instead of being choked. We ended up covering with diluted can meats all over.

Surpringly, it worked. After days, Flora's situation became steady. The only issue was, she got really pissed.

Meanwhile, she was allowed to walk within our workspace which also helped her release mentally.

To celebrate, we ordered a cushion online with her cartoon face. So, which one do you think is more 'Flora'?

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