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Best Dog Potty Training Tips And Supplies

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Do you have the right puppy supplies to successfully potty train your puppy? For the best puppy training tips and tricks, this article is right for you. Happy & Polly will list all the best dog potty supplies and tips for new pet owners to begin potty training indoors and outdoors. Here are all you'll need!

It’s easy for your puppy to form a bad habit of going potty in your house if you don’t follow or use the right guidance or supplies. Today we’re going to share top puppy products and tips to make sure you potty train your puppy to go outside!

Most new puppy owners make some crucial mistakes the day they bring their puppy home. New puppy owners don’t have a game plan in place and they try to wing it when it comes to potty training their puppy.

The first thing any new puppy owner should do is take them to the potty spot as soon as they bring home their new puppy. This has already been set up ahead of time before the puppy comes home. If you haven’t done this step, it’s not too late, but start right away to get back on track!

# Puppy pen in a designated spot and reward them when they do it right

Your potty spot consists of a puppy pen in a designated spot outside where you’ll want your puppy to go each time they go out.  Using a puppy pen keeps other animals out and provides a safe clean place for your puppy to go potty. When you put your puppy in the potty spot and they go, they get rewarded immediately, not after getting back in the house.

puppy pen

# Potty train on a good schedule

When you’re first starting to potty train a puppy, you want to be as structured and as consistent as possible. This helps regulate their system, gets them on a good schedule, and helps you learn their signals faster.

# Try tall gates to limit their space

You’ll want to gate off the easiest place to clean up accidents. This also limits their space in your home until they can be trusted. It can take anywhere from 1 week to 6 months to potty train a puppy. To keep your puppy in the kitchen or another room, you can try tall baby gates with the verticle bars and the door in the middle, as puppies are less like to climb or jump on them.

baby gate

# Use Clean products to take care of the accident

If your puppy has an accident in this room, make sure to use a product like Natures Miracle to clean up. It has an enzyme in it which breaks down the ammonia found in their urine. This removes the urine scent so your puppy can’t smell themselves inside, and think it’s ok to go again there.

Natures Miracle

# Bell training usually starts a few weeks later

Now you’ll want to be sure to start bell training your puppy as soon as possible because this is a great way for our puppies to eventually be able to tell us when they need to go out. Truth is these behaviors usually start a few weeks after owning a new puppy. That’s why you want to know all about them before you start to experience them with your puppy.

bell training

# Dog Crate is very important

When you’re working on potty training, you are definitely going to need a dog crate. The crate is the place they are going to stay when you can’t supervise or watch them and they place they are going to hang out when you go to work or sleep at night. Without a crate, your puppy will not be able to stay settled on their own just yet and will wander around, this will keep their system processing and they will have more accidents.

dog crate

We also use a crate to keep our puppies safe and out of trouble. Puppies are curious and want to put everything in their mouths. Crates are like keeping babies safe in a crib or pack n play when we can’t keep our eyes, glued on them, 100% of the time.

# Do not use a pee or potty pad

Never teach your puppy to use pee pads or potty pads. After all pee pads are usually scented to encourage your puppy to go on them. Basically the only reason to use pee pads is for medical reasons for either puppy or human who can’t physically take their puppy outside.

# Use a dog leash for your puppy

Your puppy needs to immediately start learning to feel comfy with a dog leash attached because in a few weeks to a month or so they will enter the exploration stage of development. This means they will not be your little shadow anymore, they will want to explore and move away from you.

This can be very dangerous because they haven’t learned the “come” command or recall command off-leash just yet. This takes quite some time to perfect and recall games have to be established so you can guarantee they will come running, while outside, while distractions are the highest. You need a leash to keep your puppy close to you and focused while outside.

Hope this can help you potty train your dog well. If you enjoyed it and would like to see more news, do not hesitate to visit Happy & Polly website on

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