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Can My Dog or Cat Spread Coronavirus?

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Around the world, people are really worried about coronavirus. You've seen people wearing masks and you might have also seen some pictures of people's dogs wearing masks. In this article, Happy & Polly will tell you whether your dog or cat can spread COVID-19, and how to protect your pets from the virus.

Can Pet Spread COVID-19?

There is a difference between being infected and being infectious, it's when you're infectious that you are capable of spreading the virus. The coronavirus has spread to countries across the world, but officials believe that it all started in Wuhan, China. It's believed that the virus that may have originated from a market in the city where people can buy an assortment of wild game meat. It's too early to say that.

The moment we have this one case of Hong Kong or the pet dog, who has shown a weak positive result for the virus, they think perhaps this dog picked up the disease from a contaminated surface. It is, after all, living with its owner who has been diagnosed with the disease.


And what we do know about this particular case is that the Pomeranian is not currently showing any symptoms as actually meant to be quite critical. So while this dog is showing test results that say it has the virus that doesn't necessarily mean that it is infectious and that it can then pass it on. For the moment, probably not Hong Kong authorities are telling people that they should definitely avoid casino pets, but this has meaning for everyone.

Coronavirus is spreading around the world, and while the main spreader of this disease is human to human transmission. This virus is highly infectious and we really need to minimize the spread of germs, so that means maintaining distance keeping up good hygiene just like we've been told to do with other people.

How to protect your pets from COVID-19?

We should do the same with our animals too because there's still so much that's unknown about how this virus spreads and how it operates. So that definitely includes avoiding kissing your pets. People are really worried about that pet and they want to do their best to protect them, you might have even seen some photos of pets with masks on, but officials have said that that's not really feasible. A dog doesn't have sweat glands and it uses its tongue to cool down.

So it's really not comfortable for a dog to be wearing a mask that covers its face. And also for humans, the advice at the moment is that masks are at their most useful if you wear them when you yourself are sick; As with pets, we've still got no evidence that COVID-19 has actually made an animal and well.

If you're worried that your pet is sick, the first thing to do is not panic. Keep up that good hygiene and maintain that distance, and contact your vet for some advice as soon as you can and their victims without a voice as the deadly coronavirus continues. Reports have emerged that pets are being abandoned. Coronavirus has been really stressful for a lot of people, and there have been some reported cases of people abandoning their pets. There is absolutely no need to do that. We just need to keep up good distance practices and good hygiene and this is how we'll limit the spread of the disease.

wash your dog

Animals are not at risk from coronavirus if your symptom-free, however, there are measures to consider if you or someone you know has tested positive for Convid-19. If pets have close contact with somebody who's positive, there is a small risk they could carry the virus on their coat. For instance, if somebody coughed close to them for this reason, it makes sense for pets to take part in social distancing just like humans, and that means keeping them inside.

There's no evidence that the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted between pets. However, a pet in the home of a person who has covered 19 could have the virus on their fur and could pass it on to your pets’ coat through physical contact.

For this reason, it makes sense to keep cats indoors and to keep dogs on leashes, just as you'll need to buy food for yourself. You need food for your pet whether via home delivery or by asking a friend to buy it. Minimize your own contact with your pet, wash your hands before and after any interaction, ask someone else to walk your dog if possible.

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If your pet falls ill, please don't take them to the vet and call your local vet practice for advice on what to do. Dog walks are as important for mental stimulation as for the physical exercise. So make sure that your pets receive plenty of this, offer them interactive toys, and may be used this time to engage in reward-based dog training at home, also relieve your own boredom as well as your dogs by teaching them some new tricks. Visit the dog's trust online video school to find out how.

I hope this can help you protect you and your pet. If you enjoyed it and would like to see more news, do not hesitate to visit Happy & Polly website on

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