Happy & Polly: Curated Cat Bowl Collection

Happy & Polly: Curated Cat Bowl Collection

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Having a pet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or aesthetic in your house. At Happy & Polly, our cat bowls are designed to not only suit your cat’s needs but also look cute in the process. From our delicate, ‘Flower Shaped’ ceramic bowls to our vibrantly painted, raised bowls, our products will fit seamlessly into any style of decoration. Whether modern, contemporary, whimsical or minimalist, we have you and your cat covered. Even more important however, is the health and safety of our cat clients. We want them to have products that prioritize their biggest needs when it comes to food. Cats have a myriad of nuances and requirements that we have considered when selecting our range of cat bowls. Our wide range of cat bowls is designed with you and your cat in mind.

Happy & Polly was created in honour of our beloved muse, Flora the cat. She has been a constant source of inspiration to our business to bring high-quality pet products to cat and dog-lovers everywhere. We’re a team of girls who found Flora when she was abandoned on the street in the rain. Our hearts went out to this poor little cat, so we took her in and cared for her until she grew healthy and strong. She quickly flourished into the big boss of the group and we knew we wanted to prioritize her needs. We felt she deserved the best products offered, and thus started our search for products that suited such a tremendous cat.  


At Happy & Polly, our love for cats (and all pets) means that we have purchased a number of bowls, toys and other accessories for them over the years. However, the options available were often cheap looking and only featured a few simple colours. We wanted to change that. We threw out the old idea of what a cat bowl should be and created well-designed, pieces of art. People will marvel at the unique and friendly bowls. The ‘Cactus Shaped’ dish is particularly showstopping. We don’t believe that cat bowls have to be boring, they can suit the personality of your feline friend through a myriad of colours, shapes and decorations. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to add another embellishment to your home.


The charming bowls will not only fit into your house, but the functional design of the creations is optimized to provide the right height and depth for your cat’s feeding needs. Shallow bowls aid in avoiding in what’s known as ‘whisker fatigue’ that some cats may experience. Raised bowls are available in funky as well as sleek exteriors that are the correct placement for your cat to eat at a more comfortable position. Low-lying bowls are often hard on cats that experience neck issues. The higher set bowls are ideal for reducing strain on an animal’s spine as well as aiding in quicker digestion. These bowls are especially helpful for older cats or cats with arthritis. The ‘Teeth Party Platter’ and the ‘Retro Morandi’ bowls are just two options to meet your cat’s health requirements, while seamlessly fitting into your interior decoration. At Happy & Polly, we don’t want you to have to choose between form or function; we see the value in both.


If you are looking for something that aligns with your love for space, our ‘Starry Sky’ bowl features hand-painted planets and a cat-friendly feeding bowl. If your home decoration has a sense of whimsy and play, we suggest you take a look at the ‘Wonderland Cat Ceramic’ bowl. The ‘Donut Shaped’ cat bowl would be an adorable addition to any dessert-happy kitchen or if you are looking for something minimalist, we recommend one of our many stylish options such as the ‘Glass Round’.  Whether you want people to notice the cat bowl or not, we are sure that our styles can incorporate your wishes. At Happy & Polly, we have considered every decoration style to suit whatever your aesthetic may be. Visit our online collection to see what bowl might suit you and your cat best.


Many of our bowls feature anti-slip mechanisms in order to keep your cat’s feeding area clean. We know some cats get a little too excited when their food is placed in front of them. They love to push to their bowls around in a happy attempt at getting every last morsel out of their bowls. However, that sometimes means their bowl takes a trip halfway across the kitchen. Happy & Polly made sure to incorporate products into our pet line that stop spills from happening. This allows your cat to be free to eat however they like, without you having to be constantly cleaning up after they are done their meal.


Our bowls are easy to clean which we all know can be difficult when feeding your cat wet food in particular. The ceramic materials are perfect for all types of cat food and can easily be washed with warm water and soap without leaving caked on residue. The ergonomic design of the bowls ensures that food stays centralized which can aid in the cleaning process and helps keep spillover to a minimum. Keeping cats healthy is as important to us as it is to you, so we prioritized dishes that make life a little simpler when it comes to clean up.


Our love for pets drove us to feature products that are more than just vessels for food; they showcase our love for our cats and what we feel they deserve. Cat bowls should be fun, just like their happy little personalities. Not only do we want the best for cats but we also want cat owners to feel that the accessories for your beloved pet fit with your lifestyle and home décor. There is no need to choose between the cute and the necessary.  At Happy & Polly, we wanted to give cats something cute, modern or fantastical to suit their personalities. We all know cats are never boring, their bowls shouldn’t be either.

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