How to Tell Your Cat You Love Them This Valentine’s Day

How to Tell Your Cat You Love Them This Valentine’s Day

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The ultimate Valentine is perhaps a little shorter and hairier than you would expect.  While all those Hollywood films sprout the good looking Prince Charming or Cinderella, your best and most loyal Valentine this year, is your furry feline friend.  So how is it that your cat could be your ultimate Valentine and how can you tell your cat that you love them this Valentine’s Day?

Why Your Cat is The Ultimate Valentine

Unlike other potential Valentines, your cat is by far the most loyal and cuddly.  Though, that’s not the only attributes that make them the clear winner.  


  • Love you, no matter if you forgot to shower and brush your hair
  • Cuddle you, even when you are sick
  • Don’t judge you, for your crazy antics and weird behaviours
  • Provide free hair cover, for all of your favourite pants, shirts and dresses
  • Protect you, from evil and aggressive birds, spiders and bugs
  • Help you work, keeping your laptop warm for hours on end
  • Make you laugh, with hours of fun and entertainment

Now if that doesn’t sound like the ultimate Valentine, well aside from the hair, I don’t know what does! So how can you show them you love them this Valentine’s Day?  



10 Things You Can Do To Show Your Cat You Love Them

While human Valentines may need fancy dinners and expensive wine, chocolate or flowers, your humble furry Valentine asks for nothing more than a snuggle, a warm bed and bowl of food.  But why not do something a little extra special for your Furry Valentine this year.

1. Make Them a Home Cooked Meal

One of the best ways to your cat’s heart is through their stomach.  Cook your feline friend something special this Valentine’s Day.  LovetoKnow has eight homemade cat food recipes that will make your feline purr.  These dishes include:

  • Mackerel & Brown Rice
  • Sardine & Cooked Carrot with Oatmeal
  • Trout with Steamed Broccoli & Apple Sauce
  • Salmon with breadcrumbs & Broccoli
  • Chicken & Tuna
  • Beef & Alfalfa Spouts
  • Cat Salad with Zucchini & Catnip
  • Chicken with Carrots & Broccoli

With so many delicious flavours to choose from, your feline date will be dancing around your feet with excitement, waiting to taste these dishes.

2. Give Them a New Adventurous Playground to Explore

Does your Valentine like adventure? Then spoil them with a new adventure playground.  A fun example is the Moonlight Cat Climbing Frame.  This climbing frame allows your cat to scratch, climb, move and jump his or her way into your heart.  It will keep them active for hours and also help to burn off any extra calories they may have consumed from your delicious homemade dinner.    


3. Learn The Science of Petting Your Cat

Yes, you read that right, there is a science to the way that you pet your cat.  In general, most cats will enjoy being touched around the regions where the facial glands are located.  This includes the base of their ears, under their chin and around their cheeks.  These areas are typically preferred over their tummy, back or near their tail.  To learn more, check out this article from Live Science 

4. Give Them A Massage

Want the next level of petting? Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a good old fashioned massage.  Pamper your kitty this Valentine’s Day with a soft brush to help get rid of dirt, dead skin and loose fur.  A massage brush will have your cat purring this Valentine’s Day and is perfect for grooming and bathing for many years to come.   



5. Buy Them Flowers (Well… Herbs)

Well, actually just one in particular, a herb called Nepeta Cataria, more commonly known as Catnip.  Catnip is a perennial herb from the mint family and the active ingredient nepetalactone, is an essential oil  that around two thirds of cats will respond to.  Signs can vary between cats, but normally it induces a state of euphoria or calm.  Quite a nice mood to be in for Valentine’s Day. 



6. Give The Gift of Style

Is your cat a fashionista? Then give the gift of style this Valentine’s Day with these super cool cat and dog sunglasses.  You know how amazing and cool your feline companion is, but they can look the part too with these fashionable accessories.  



7. Give Them A Good Night's Sleep

After all that eating and exercising, your Valentine is going to be exhausted!  Why not give them something comfy to crawl into when they curl up to sleep at night.  From little thrones for the true queens  to a literal bed of their very own. There are lots of ways to help them get a good night's sleep and be rested for the busy activities of the next day.  



8. Give Them The Wrapping Paper Without The Gift

We did say that your Feline Valentine is easy to please.  Most cats like the crinkle of wrapping paper more than the gift itself.  However, typically leftover wrapping paper doesn’t last very long and can be made from harmful chemicals.  If you want the same ‘crinkily’ fun without the mess, check out these crinkle balls.  Made from high-quality, toxic-free materials it is a much safer choice for your Furry Valentine.  You’ll have lots of fun together playing with this toy. 



Final Thoughts

No matter if you do happen to have a human Valentine this year, or even if you don’t.  Show your feline friend the love they deserve with some pampering and attention.  Whether dinner, flowers or a variety of gifts, you will be sure to have them purring with satisfaction this Valentine’s Day.

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