About Happy & Polly Cat Water Fountain

If your home Cats don’t like drinking water either, so be sure to try Happy & Polly’s Ghost Water Fountain. Supported by food-grade ceramics, it’s durable and safe. The fountain uses filter sponges, volcanic rocks, and medical stones to remove impurities, purify water, eliminate odors, and balance pH. Ceramic carbon balls soften water and catch falling hair. This nifty little tool keeps water fresh, promotes hydration, and reduces water loss. 

Keeps cats safe from bladder problems, urinary tract disease, kidney disease, and feline irritation Diseases such as urinary tract infections.

Consider enhancing your cat's living space with a Cat Tree for lounging and playing, featuring multiple levels for climbing and built-in scratching posts for their well-being and furniture protection. 

Complement this with a Cat Bed for ultimate relaxation, offering a variety of styles for any cat's sleeping preference. Together, these additions satisfy your cat's instincts while keeping them entertained and your home stylish.

Discover these and more innovative solutions for your cat's lifestyle at Happy & Polly's online pet store, where making pet parenting a breeze is our priority.


Absolutely. Proper hydration is crucial for preventing urinary tract diseases and supporting overall health in cats. By encouraging more frequent drinking, a water fountain can help maintain your cat's urinary tract health and reduce the risk of kidney stones and other related health issues.

Yes, especially for cats that are reluctant to drink still water. Cats naturally prefer running water as it is instinctively considered fresher and safer. A water fountain can encourage your cat to drink more, promoting better kidney function and overall health.

For optimal performance and hygiene, it's recommended to clean the fountain at least once a week. Most Happy & Polly‘s fountains are designed with ease of cleaning in mind, featuring components that are dishwasher-safe or easily hand-washed. Regular maintenance prevents mold, slime, and bacteria buildup.

Patience is key. Place the fountain in a quiet, accessible location without removing the usual water bowl initially. Encourage exploration and use by not forcing them to drink from it. Over time, most cats will naturally gravitate towards the fountain due to their preference for moving water.