The 5 Best Choices Cat Trees for Large Cats

The 5 Best Choices Cat Trees for Large Cats

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For folks who pour love into their cat companions, it’s well-known that these playful pets need constant activity to stay sharp and in shape. 

Cats, full of energy, require endless fun to keep both their muscles and brains in tip-top condition. However, having a lively cat at home often means you're always a step away from a bit of chaos and destruction.

That's where the genius of cat trees steps in. A cat tree is this awesome, tall structure with multiple levels, letting your cat climb, scratch, and play to their heart's content without turning your favorite couch into a scratching post. And for those with bigger cats, finding a cat tree that’s sturdy and spacious is key!

In this piece, I'm going to show you some of the top picks for cat trees for large cats you can find today. Plus, I'll throw in a few pointers on how to pick the best one for your furry friend.

What Is a Cat Tree for Large Cats?

If you've got a big kitty at home, you'll want to look into getting a cat tree that can handle their size. These aren't your average cat trees; they're built tall and strong to give your furry pal the perfect spot to hang out, scratch, and have a bit of fun.

Think of them like super-sized playgrounds made just for larger cats. They're usually crafted from solid stuff like hardwood and carpet to keep them from tipping over. 

Plus, they come decked out with all the cool things cats love: sisal-wrapped posts for scratching, various levels and platforms for climbing, and even cozy hideaways. Some even come with extra goodies like dangling toys or hammocks for those all-important cat naps.

When you're out shopping for one, make sure to pick a cat tree that's not just big but also sturdy enough to hold up under your cat's weight. You don't want it crashing down. Look for one with all the right features that are also easy to put together and fit your budget.

What Is the Best Cat Tree For Large Cats?

Here are my top picks for the best cat tree for large cats:

Best Overall: Happy & Polly Moonlight Cat Tree Style-F

This Moonlight Cat Tree is not your typical cat tree. It's big and made of safe wood. And it's covered in natural sisal rope that's perfect for scratching. The best part? It has cute moon and star decorations that'll make your cat want to play.

It's built strong, with great wood and soft cashmere loops that feel amazing. And there are four different models to choose from. If you want the works, go for the Style-F. 

It has three lounging spots, two cozy houses for nap time, and a hammock for even more napping. Plus, it can hold up to 15 pounds easily. So, if you need something durable that'll give your big cats plenty of space to relax and play, this is the one to get.

Top Features:

  • Spacious seating platform for your feline companion to tend their territory
  • Not one but two condos for your cat to explore, play, and rest in
  • Toy ball included
  • Multiple scratching posts for ultimate relaxation

Best Cat Tree for Heavier Cats: Happy & Polly-King Cloud Cat Tree

This king cloud cat tree stands out with its unique cloud, star, and moon shapes, making it a perfect match for stylish homes. 

The cat tree is covered in a soft teddy velvet that's tough against scratches and keeps its shape, even when your cat climbs all over it. 

Designed to be super sturdy, it has four steel supports at the base and platforms made from high-quality wood shaving boards so that it won't tip or wobble, even with big cats or multiple cats playing on it. Each level can hold up to 66 pounds.

Your cat will love the three spacious platforms, a soft basket, a cozy condo, and lots of hanging toys for endless fun. Whether they want to stretch out, snuggle up, or scratch away, this cat tree has everything they need.

Top Features:

  • Excellent for households with more than one cat
  • Can support more than 66lbs per level
  • Easy to assemble

Best Plush Cat Tree: Happy & Polly- Bloomy Flower Cat Tree

For the bigger cats in the family, this Bloomy Flower Cat Tree is a perfect fit. It supports up to 30 pounds, ensuring it's both strong and stable, but still looks great and feels comfortable. 

The flower parts are made of soft flannel, while the stems have top-notch sisal wrapped around them, giving your kitty a durable place to scratch. This helps keep them stress-free and their nails healthy.

The design smartly includes climbing paths that play into your cat’s instinct to climb and explore, encouraging them to stay active naturally and easily. Your cat can roam, climb, and play to their heart's content in this cat haven!

Top Features:

  • Extra roomy top perch
  • Large enough for two cats to play together
  • Smart Climbing Routes cater to your cat’s instincts

Best Tree for Keeping Claws Healthy: Happy & Polly- Crown Cat Tree

This sturdy and spacious crown cat tree is perfect for larger cats or homes with several feline friends. It's designed to cater to their adventurous and relaxed moments alike, featuring a cozy little room for them to enjoy. 

Crafted with natural sisal rope, the scratching post is both durable and flexible, providing the ideal surface for your cat to claw at to their heart's content. The design ensures that the cat tree remains stable and secure, supporting up to 25 pounds, making it suitable for use by more than one cat at the same time. 

Plus, the hammock is detachable, making it super easy to clean and maintain a clean, comfy space for your pet.

Top Features:

  • Using pine and natural sisal rope, very durable
  • Encourage your cat’s natural scratching instinct with no less than 10 scratching posts
  • Multiple perches and an apartment for multiple cats to explore

Best Cat Tree for Cats That Like to Stay High Up: Happy & Polly-Transformable Cat Tree

This Transformable Cat Tree is the perfect solution for cats who like to climb to high places and is perfect for larger kittens, especially those that are stocky or breeds like Maine Coons. 

It can comfortably accommodate cats weighing up to 30 pounds. Made from top-quality solid oak, we ensure it is smoothly sanded and finished to prevent any snags or scratches.

It offers three different combinations. This means you can change the settings to keep your cat interested or adjust them as your cat grows and changes, up to a height of 57.2 feet. Letting your cat choose a preferred height and position is a great way to give your cat a personalized play space.

Top Features:

  • Three versatile assembly options to accommodate kittens’ different growth stages
  • Ideal for families with more than one cat
  • Supports over 30 lbs.


1. Is it necessary to buy a cat tree?

Absolutely, getting a cat tree is pretty essential if you have a cat. Here's why:

  • Climbing and Scratching: Cats naturally love to climb and scratch. A cat tree gives them a perfect spot to do both, saving your furniture from becoming their next target.
  • Exercise: It's a great way for your cat to get some exercise, especially for indoor cats. Climbing up and down the tree can help them stay active and healthy.
  • Territory: Cats are territorial creatures. A cat tree can become their own space, giving them a sense of security and a place they can retreat to.
  • Entertainment: It can also serve as a source of entertainment for them, with many cat trees featuring hanging toys, multiple levels, and even cubbies for exploration.

2. What is the best cat tree for a large cat?

If you've got a big cat, you'll want a cat tree that's roomy with lots of space for them to hang out, chill, and have some fun. It's also important to get one that's strong and won't wobble around.

3. How do I get my large cat to use the cat tree?

Introduce the cat tree gradually by placing it in a favorite area of your home. Encourage exploration with treats, catnip, or toys. Placing your cat on the tree gently or leading them to it with treats can also help. Remember, patience is key.

4. How should I clean and maintain my cat tree?

Keeping your cat tree clean and in good shape is key to making it last longer and stay nice. Make sure to vacuum the fabric parts often to get rid of dust and grime. 

If it starts looking a bit rough or dirty, just use some gentle soap and water to clean it up. Stay away from strong cleaners or chemicals because they can mess up the fabric.

To help your cat tree last even longer, try not to put it somewhere it'll get a lot of sun or be exposed to water. Also, check it now and then for any screws or nails that might have gotten loose, and tighten them up or swap them out when you need to.


Alright, here are my top 5 favorite cat trees for big cats. When picking one for your furry friend, don't forget to think about how big, heavy, and active they are. Also, it's a good idea to check the cat tree now and then for any loose bits.

Check out Happy & Polly to find a cool new cat tree that both you and your cat will enjoy. Here's to lots of fun climbing, scratching, and napping!

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