Why Your Cat Needs a Cat Water Fountain?

Why Your Cat Needs a Cat Water Fountain?

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As someone who owns a cat, it's vital to keep your furry friend healthy and content. Many folks overlook the importance of ensuring their cats stay hydrated. 

Cats often don't show much interest in drinking water, which can lead to health issues such as urinary tract infections and kidney problems.

So, is getting a cat water fountain for your cat a good idea? Let's explore the advantages and things to think about to help you decide.

Cats instinctively prefer running water over stagnant water because it's less likely to be contaminated, a trait inherited from their wild ancestors. This explains why cats often favor drinking from a faucet instead of a bowl.

A cat water fountain is a neat device that keeps water flowing all day, ensuring your pets have fresh water to drink. 

It's particularly beneficial for cats as it encourages them to drink more water, which is crucial for their health. This helps their kidneys function better and reduces the risk of bladder problems, common in cats.

Fans of this gadget rave about how much more water their pets drink with it, which ultimately boosts their health. So, if you want to keep your cat healthy and hydrated, think about getting one of these fountains.

Should I Buy My Cat a Cat Water Fountain?

Considering whether to get a cat water fountain for your cat? Here's why it might be a good idea:

Encourages Hydration

Cats often don't drink enough water, which can lead to health issues. A fountain with flowing water might attract them more than still water in a regular bowl, helping them stay hydrated.

Filtration System

These fountains come with filters that clean the water, removing hair and dust. Your cat gets cleaner water, reducing the need for frequent water changes.


Life gets busy, and it's easy to forget about refilling the water bowl. A fountain holds more water, so you don't have to top it up as often, ensuring your cat always has fresh water, even when you're busy.

Health Advantages

Keeping your cat hydrated is crucial for their health. A fountain can lower the risk of urinary infections or kidney problems by encouraging more water intake.

In short, a water fountain for your cat is worth it for their health and your convenience. Plus, it's entertaining to watch them interact with it!

Considerations Before Buying a Cat Water Fountain

Before you pick up a cat water fountain, there are some important factors to think about to ensure it's the right choice for your furry buddy and your home. Here's what to keep in mind:


Think about your budget. Cat water fountains come at different prices, so find one that's affordable yet reliable. Remember, the cheapest option may not last long, so consider durability and features for the price.


Consider what the fountain is made of. Plastic is light and cheaper but can scratch easily, potentially harboring bacteria. Stainless steel may cost more but is durable. Ceramics look good, are easy to clean, and inhibit bacteria growth.

Size and Design

Check the fountain's size and design. Make sure it holds enough water and suits your pet's size and drinking habits. Also, think about where you'll place it in your home and if it matches your space.

Noise level 

Some fountains can be noisy, which might annoy both you and your pet. Look for models known for operating quietly to avoid disturbances.


Consider maintenance requirements. Some fountains are easier to clean and need fewer filter changes. Think about how much time and effort you're willing to invest in keeping the fountain clean, which can affect your pet's health and your satisfaction with the product.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Once you've chosen the perfect cat water fountain for your cat, follow these tips for installation and maintenance:


Find a quiet spot that's easy for your cat to reach but away from their litter box and food. Cats like their privacy when drinking, so choose a cozy spot.


It's important to regularly clean your fountain and change the water to stop bacteria from growing. Take it apart and wash all the bits with mild soap and water.

Filter Replacement

Follow the manufacturer's advice on when to change the filters. Fresh filters mean fresher water. It's a good idea to keep some spare filters handy.


Pay attention to how much your cat is drinking and their behavior around the fountain. Some cats might need a little encouragement to try it out, like placing treats nearby or gently guiding them towards it.

The Ideal Solution: Happy & Polly

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff you gotta think about? Well, take a peek at Happy & Polly's cat water fountains! They're just what you need if you want to make sure your furry buddies stay hydrated and cheerful.

Check out our popular Mushroom Cat Water Fountain! It's super cute, shaped like a mushroom, and it's not just for looks. It keeps your cat's water fresh and flowing, so they stay hydrated and happy.

This fountain is made from high-quality ceramic that helps prevent bacteria growth, making sure your cat's water is always clean. We use filter sponge layers to filter impurities, volcanic rocks to purify water, rid the water of unpleasant smells, medical stones to balance PH value, ceramic carbon balls to absorb impurities, soften water quality, and catch any hair that falls in. 

Plus, with a 1.5L capacity, you won't need to refill it too often, which is perfect if you're out for the weekend but still want your cat to have fresh water.

It comes with a five-stage filter system and a replaceable filter, so your cat always gets the cleanest water. And don't worry about noise – it's super quiet at just 40 Db, so it won't disturb you or your furry friend.

Cleaning is a breeze, too. You can take it apart easily and wash each piece to keep it spotless and safe for your cat to drink from.

Plus, there are a bunch of cool designs to pick from like Ghost Drinking Fountain, Cactus Style Cat Water Fountain, and more. And they come in different sizes too, so you can find the perfect fit for your cat.

Step up your cat's hydration game with the Happy & Polly Cat Water Fountain. It's all about keeping your furball happy and hydrated!


In summary, getting your cat a water fountain is a great idea for their health and happiness. These fountains help them drink more water, and keep it clean, and you can find different styles to fit your space.

Happy & Polly offers cool options that make your cat happy and improve your home too. So, why not get a cat water fountain now and make sure your cat stays hydrated and happy?


1. Is the cat water fountain difficult to install?

Setting up the cat water fountain is pretty easy. Every part of our cat water fountain can be easily disassembled and assembled, just follow the installation manual.

2. Can I leave the cat water fountain turned on all the time?

Absolutely! Our water fountain is made to be used continuously. It even has a feature that switches it off automatically, so it saves energy and stays safe for round-the-clock use.

3. Does keeping the cat water dispenser on all the time consumes electricity?

A cat water fountain that's always on does need power, but how much it uses depends on the type and how many watts it needs. Our cat water fountains used are between 1-3 watts, so they don't use much electricity.

4. Can I use tap water in my cat water fountain?

Yes, you can use tap water without worries. Although tap water might have some minerals or chemicals in it that could affect the taste or quality, our cat water fountain has a built-in 5-layer filter system that ensures your cat gets clean and healthy water.

5. How often should I clean the cat water fountain?

It's best to clean your cat's water fountain at least once a week. This helps stop bacteria from building up and keeps the water fresh and clean for your furry friend.

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